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OCR01719 - Final Fantasy XII "The Winds of Inishmore"


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Unlike, it seems, everyone else, I'm not enjoying this, and it's the aimlessness that's tripping me. I think something in the arrangement should pin this down. The drums sound really weak, and I think it's rather the arrangement than the sound. At spots like 1:34-1:35 and 3:08-3:09 and 3:12 I'm just.. what?! Is this a scratched CD? At the same time, it's sounds quite beautiful, calm and serene.. the understated synths sounds great with the harp. There are a lot of good rhythmic ideas too, but it just tries way too hard and does not hold together.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01719 - Final Fantasy XII "The Winds of Inishmore"
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First thing I noticed was some very high and noticeable, almost piercing upper EQ spikes on the plucking. But then there's some little beautiful gems of arrangement and production here, especially the windy slide. Eino did mention about "wandering", but not all who wander are lost; it's atmospheric more than anything else. To quote Kath and Kim, it's nice, it's different, it's unusual.

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