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how do I load Guitar rig into kontakt3

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the reason I dont just run kontakt through guitar rig, is because I dont want every instrument I load going through kontakt.

Kontakt has separate outputs, but the generally used option is to simply use multiple instances of Kontakt, each with their own instruments loaded.

Multiple outs/parts are used only for instruments that belong together - e.g. you only want 1 instance for an entire orchestral section.

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To the OP, welcome to one third of my Kontakt wish list. I refuse to upgrade to a new version of Kontakt until they satisfy this wish list:

1) Integrate the usage of VST fx into the already established internal fx structure--if not for all VST fx then at least NI's proprietary fx like Guitar Rig.

2) Modular MIDI Ports. MIDI Ports should be able to be added and subtracted dynamically instead of this BS 4 limitation.

3) 64 Bit, for gods sake!

Why not? Why has it taken so long? Lazy programming. They didn't properly program the original app with dynamic and separate porting designs in place and now it's probably a huge, messy coding-knot.

Multiple instances of Kontakt is chez suckage. There's no way to reset I/O settings upon multiple instancing and Kontakt seizes complete control over the output devices, so you need multiple Audio I/Os to xfer from a slave comp to a host.

Otherwise, used in a DAW it's... Okay.

Additionally, Kontakt 3 is supposed to boast a limited but decent guitar amp emulation fx package--have you tried that out?

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I doubt Kontakt will have internal VST fx hosting. It's easier for NI to simply grab modules from their other effects units, particularly Guitar Rig, which they did for FM8 also. I would love to see FM8's "PsycheDelay" in K4... :) K3 is planned to go 64bit sometime this year, as I understand it. It IS pretty dumb that it took this long to do.

OP: Just assign your guitar instrument (or whatver) to its own output within Kontakt, and then in your host mixer, put Guitar Rig on that output only. Problem solved.

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