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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'IceCap Zone' (FEEDBACK)

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Hats sound inconsistently close compared to the snare. There's some weird stereo effect on the hats, might be that, might be the type of reverb you're using... which in any case is a bit too much. Pad panning was a bit annoying. Bend at 2:53 seems accidentally sudden. Kick seems a tad ahead of the beat at 3:15 and forth.

Random nitpicks. There's some really cool additions to this since last version I heard, more chord motions. Goodgood.

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I'm excited. Let me have a listen. (i'll edit this post)

Wish I could give constructive feedback. Bah. In reality I'm afraid I'd be pulling a Charlie Gordon (if anybody catches my flowers for algernon allusion...) much like I had above. (Crap, I'm completely relating to Charlie Gordon at this point! maybe I'll become more musically inclined just to go along with the whole mental abilities flourishing analogy, only to have it all waste away...)

Er, sorry. As far as critiquing the sound of your new parts, I feel like your melodies sound much more... optimistic, some parts even bordering on touchy-feely-goodness. Case in point: 2:55-3:11. It might have something to do with the production adjustments you've made, too. It's also notable in the harmony (which you've modified) at about 2:30-2:35.

Maybe you'll win the judges over with your song touching and feeling up in their private places. :lol: Especially that Larry fellow. 8)

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Ok, this is me adding final touches.

I've sent this version to anso for a quick check before I submit :D


Hm, I think you addressed the bend at 2:53 that rozovian was talking about in this update.

I'mma listen to it on headphones to see if you've addressed a few other things i was thinking about bringing up.

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(I really should post more...)

Anyways. I'm really loving this remix. A lot. Admittedly, when I see Ice Cap Zone mixes I tend to think "Oh no, not another Ice Cap Mix. I bet it's a trance mix too..." And I thought that when I saw this too, but I decided to give it a listen just because Ice Cap is still an amazing piece of music.

I'm glad I did. This remix is just great. I've been hooked on it ever since I listened the first time. Sure, it is a bit of a trance mix, but it's something different. I can't exactly explain it but it brings something different to the table.

I'm not too much of a technical music person, so I don't know how much helpful criticism I can give for you...

The original sections add a nice touch of flair and gives the remix it's own style and life. The classic underlying bass of the Ice Cap theme is nice here too, funky and cool. If I could say anything on what you might change up is the drums, but to me it's not too major of a deal. They do get a little repetitive, but you really have to be paying a great deal of attention to it to notice.

I would love to see this posted, it's top notch stuff.

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