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Mega Man 4 'Wily's Big Beat'

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A request in the forums led to this project simply because MAN I had no idea the source was so bad ass...

anyway, I've only worked on this for about 5 hours at this point, so the arrangement is not even close to being done.

Done in the style of propellerheads meets stevie wonder(?)

I've been listening to it while playing COD4 and it's pretty sweet to battle to. Reminds me of a funky kill bill...XD

TO DO list:

-finish live horns (oh yeah, I have a jazz trombone and I plan to use it)

-finish arrangement

v3: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/sncy/wily5

v2: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/fhnt/unnamedwilsbigbeatv2


any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Nice work, when I first started listening I couldn't quite pick it out, but it ended up being the same song I visualized when I read the title: The MM4 Final Battle song. Took a little while to get going but once it did, wow, I really like it so far!

If it sounds this good now I can't wait to hear what it sounds like after you finish the arrangement. Sorry, no technical commentary, I'm not any good at that :< .

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YAY! MY REQUEST IS BEING FILLED! now for the others...

Anyways, I like the beat and the sound effects. I really like how the main tune is hidden and then everything stops! And then it becomes the prominent track. What comes after that is pretty groovy and I love it. The way you return to the source track works well too. And it finishes nicely. Glad to see that my request caused such a sweet remix to be made! And by someone who's already had a remix approved, no less! YEAH! Can't wait to hear the finished product, man!

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Hey, nice to see some people interested in this.

I always enjoy making someone's day with a request fulfillment; there's just SOOO many...XD

Ok, back to the track.

V2 new features:

-arrangement nearing completion

-jazz trombone recordings mostly done

-slight vocal part added

-cheesy-ass-70's fade out - CHECK

-mastered for all occasions and events

one thing i'm missing is pretty big: A NAME

suggestions, comments, concerns?


v2: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/fhnt/unnamedwilsbigbeatv2

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This is even cooler and funkier than last time. Now for title ideas:

Wily's Funky Beats (I thought Wily's Big Beat was the name, but this seems to be overflowing with funkiness, so I changed it)

Funkmaster Wily

From Russia with Wily

Honestly, I thought the vocal part was going to detract from the overall track, but it fit in quite well, and it gives way to the music a bit which works well. And the first part is still awesome. Good job man and keep up the good work.

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Sound effect-ish noises in the intro, and an overall lofi feel... Crazy panning, really sharp bass... Interesting but not enjoyable, imo. Sorry man. I'd cut it a bit shorter.

Once it gets started, the backing rhythm is a bit distracting from the horns. It's a bit too reliant on the beat and the bassline, both of which get repetitive a bit too soon, they're also loud and distracting. Mixing them up with something more fitting a big band might work, at least for part of the track. It really bothers me that they're so prominent, as the rest of the track sounds great... the stuff I could hear, anyway.

Voice acting is decent, tho not quite sounding like the old doc. Singing was amusing. Voice acting does make it a bit cheesy, and not having heard either of them until quite late in the track made them feel a little out of place. Throw some into the intro to get it a little more interesting and to introduce them earlier.

imo, anyway.

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Ok, so here's a version with more prominent horns; especially the solos at the end.

The bass and drums are supposed to be loud and annoying - that's the point... XD

HOWEVER, I did tweak stuff and I can hear the band much better on my end with this version.

As far as voice acting goes...definitely not my forte. If someone can do a better doc impression, go for it.

and I'll work on adding an intro wily for continuity's sake.

comments, concerns, w/e...DO IT. DO IT NAOUGHHHH

v3: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/sncy/wily5

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haha this has gotten.. a little more entertaining now. Honestly the vocals remind me of Zapp & Roger, or maybe if you're looking for a little more modern reference, as hesitant as I am to say this, T-Pain.

Only part that may be a little too silly to really fly with me is the voiceover, but even that might work if it could sound more evil or something.

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I've listened to the three revisions of this song a good 15-20 times this week. Needless to say, I really like this song! At first when I heard the change towards the wind instruments in the second version I didn't like it so much. But with this third revision, I think they sound really good now. Also, now that I'm listening to this on my home speakers instead of my headphones at work I can hear that the first version sounds a bit flat in comparison. So yeah, I'm completely behind the wind instruments now.

My biggest nitpick now would be the vocals section. Having them introduced slightly earlier on might help, but I think the thing I dislike about it the most is that I really like the first part of the song! So when you slow it down so much, I just find myself wanting it to speed back up the whole time. It reminds me a bit of the 'In the Atrium' song where I usually just end up skipping over the second half of the song because the style changes completely in the middle.

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Improvements, a lots of them. Or, significant ones.

Voice work... See if you can get someone who sounds older and more convincing. Sorry man, you just don't sound _that_ old. Also, I'm not, and probably never will be, a fan of speech (as opposed to song) in music. You can't change that, tho.

I'm wondering if you could add voice an octave under the processed singing. It's a little too high for its own good, imo. Then again, just dropping it would be like dropping a lead - it loses its edge. I suggest you add another voice an octave under.

Whatever man. Improved - good.

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