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[TWEEX] Music Used for Delta Airlines


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For anyone flying an international Delta flight, be on the lookout for the Duty Free spot that plays in flight. The music you'll hear is a part of "Bipolar", one of the tracks on my debut album Alter Ego.

As soon as I am given a final copy of the spot, I'll post it for all to see and, more importantly, hear!

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That's a pretty awesome spot. So, do you get a residual check everytime they play it, or was it one of those things where they "bought" the song for a flat fee?

This was "work for hire" since I was hired by the media/production company who is doing the spot. Sadly, no residuals, but a spot for Delta; I can't complain too much :).

Thanks all for the congrats. Its quite exciting!

Like I said, I'll make sure to post a version of the final spot as soon as I have it in hand. I'm quite anxious to see/hear it myself!

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