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Be Jealous: Extra - Hyper Game Music Event 2008


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Japan is getting another cool game music event next month:


This is the second year the event is taking place. It's basically a show where all the game music composers get together and perform on stage. Freaking amazing. There's actually a planned DVD for last year, but I think they're having licensing issues (guess VGL and PLAY! aren't the only ones).

Performers this year include:

- KORG DS-10 (Nobuyoshi Sano x Yasunori Mitsuda x Michio Okamiya)

- THE IDOLM@STER / 8BIT series

- Motoaki Motoaki Furukawa with VOYAGER

- Yuzo Koshiro x Norihiko Hibino

- Shinji Hosoe

- Hip Tanaka.ex


- H.(from SEGA)


- quad(luvtrax)

- Uraken

Official website: http://ex-project.com/aboutevent/

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The show is in Japan only. This is only the second year, so.

They put out a compilation CD of original soundtrack versions of the songs they played, then they put out a volume 1 live collection. There was supposed to be a volume 2 and a DVD of the show, but I guess they're stuck in copyright issues.

Working on an interview with the event organizer, so hopefully I'll have that ready soon and post it here for you guys.

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