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Quickest Speed Run


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What path? Always boosting, I assume. Autofire for bosses?

actually you can get pretty much the fastest fire by just having the timing right for button pushes; you just push A, hold it, let go right as the second laser fires, then hold just as the third fires and repeat

also my path is

Corneria > Asteroid Field > Fortuna > Sector X > Sector Z > Bolse > Venom

warp field on AF, but then go to fortuna anyways

warp field for sector x, in sector z just kill off team members then let the missile hit great fox

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SOR 3 in less than 30 minutes by myself. Hilarious game, but the soundtrack sucks teabags. Beat Final Fight 3 in 30-ish minutes with a friend, no continues, and the msuci is much more pleasurable than SOR3.

Edit: Dracula X in 45 minutes (that shit is hard! I would have beaten it faster, but it's too damned hard!)

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I beat portal in about 38 minutes yesterday, and I even took some time to dick around.

I've beaten sonic 2 in about that much time as well.

The only time I actually did a speed run, with a stopwatch and people watching me was playing through s3&k (all emeralds).

I think the total time came to just under 1 hour and 30 minutes..

I'll have to look for it, but that seems about right.


Metal Gear Solid in 1:25 in hard difficulty.

Damn, I thought my 7 hour run was good. O_o

I've always wondered, do the cut scenes add to your total?

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Recentally just finished Mario RPG on the VC way faster than I had ever done on the SNES.

I felt like a champ afterward.

So I was wondering, what is the quickest game you ever finished? And how long did it take?

Super Metroid, 2 hours 13 minutes (if I remember correctly which I probably don't).

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