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  1. Almost every song on this album sounds as though it was professionally composed. Very well done guys and I look forward to the proceeding chapters of the album!
  2. Can ANYONE stand more than 10 minutes of Ke$ha???
  3. Excellent tune. Big fan of the hints of JUSTICE that were thrown in there.
  4. Lightning from FFXIII, she kicks ass and she's attractive. Dangerous combination.
  5. MajLink

    Tron 2

    Too excited for Tron 2 right now.
  6. I apologize if this is old news, but to those who weren't aware, Comedy central has officially resurrected the previously canceled series Futurama! This is huge news especially to die hard fans like myself, so check out the link and post your thoughts on one of the greatest animated comedy's of all time. http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/06/its-official-futurama-returns.html
  7. Best part is when you hit a mine while surfing. "My toe!, My toe!" It better be done right in the remake.
  8. For durability and longevity as well as pretty good sound,I usually go with any headphones made by Sony. They seem to fit the best in all those categories for myself.
  9. Oh yes, if anyone started that fire, It was Billy Joel.
  10. MajLink

    Star Trek

    Just saw it yesterday, and I must say the commercials don't do it any justice. Star trek is way better than any of the commercials so I highly recommend seeing it.
  11. Just use cure on him and it does astronomical amounts of damage. In regards to beating it before I could read, simply it was the only game I played for about a year straight and through trial and error I found how to get through the game. Though I will admit if I was stuck at one point for too long, my brothers would give me a hand.
  12. I love when sites like this pop up because we begin to here various speculations that will probably never happen. Prime example, SSBB.
  13. Beating FFMQ before I learned how to read. Thank god for the super cheep way to beat the boss at the end!
  14. I guess I'm just stuck in the years of SOTN with the good ol' upside down castle. Ah the glory days...
  15. Did anyone else find this game to be a tad too short?
  16. Best CT mix I've heard in a long time. Keep up the good work!
  17. Hmmmm, I can run TF2 fine on my laptop... I guess I will just have to further investigate which I will enjoy more, PC or 360.
  18. ^^^ I agree, finding when do beat it and achieve the correct endings is tough (w/o using the internet).
  19. This is actually great advice. I was considering getting it for my laptop, but I was afraid it didn't have the power to run it. So I will just opt to get it for my 360 instead.
  20. This a quality album. My favorite track is revolution, but I really when it comes down to it, each and every track is fantastic. Bravo!
  21. That's a really incredible story! Congrats two the both of you!
  22. Did the same with my bro the other day. Only took us about 6-7 hours.
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