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We're Entering Rock City, now.


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I like the arrangement, but I'm going to have to agree with Txai for the most part. It's rather dry, there's not enough going on in the song to keep me interested. That guitar bass is really annoying, I agree, but the main melody sounds good.

I'm sure if you added some more of your own flair to the original, brought in some more instruments (particularly a better drum beat) you could have this up to OCR standards, but right now it just needs work.

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What's with the drop-like bass drum? Might fit into electronica, but not something trying to be rock. Guitar tone is terribly dry, and terrible inorganic, needs to be more human. Transitions are simply bad, too sudden and too drastic. A lot of the time you've only got guitars playing, making the track very empty sounding.

Txai put it well, tho rather than quiet, I'd use the word sparse. Not enough instruments to keep the track balanced. No processing... etc.

You need to learn your tools better before trying to something as ambitious as rock (ambitious in the sense that it's hard to fake). Make some radom original tracks in various styles, play with EQ, reverb, read through our tutorials. Listen to ocremixes and you should be hearing something quite different from what you just posted here. Remixing isn't easy.

I wish you luck.

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