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Harvest Moon Winter Theme


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Hey guys.... found an old track I mixed in 2006, and can't remember posting it here before.

Toooooooo wayy bad I haven't got the FL files anymore :// Could have mixed it up to be good, but I sure can't find them at least.

But still, it could have been a nice track with some work, I think so at least :P


EDIT: AAAgh, I like it so much I might just redo the whole thing if I cant find that ¤#%/& file.

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Nice instrument sounds, nice mellow tune.

The strings that come in at 0:27 are a bit too high and harsh in the mix compared to what's heard before that.

During the second half of the song I begin to crave some variation. It all feels like a great buildup that doesn't really go very far, even though the strings and all have a pretty clear melody. Maybe one just has to listen to it a couple of times and it will grow.

The percussion could also be slightly more prominent and varied. Now it works best in the beginning before the lead instruments take over.

The ending is effective and works fine.

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Ditto on the "WTF no Harvest Moon remixes?!"

This is from HM64, right? There are approximately 60,000 Harvest Moon games and many of them share themes like this -- I think I recognize the winter theme from HM64, but I'm not sure if that's what you're actually using or if it's just a similar track from a different HM game. (Ack I'm an idiot I just noticed that it said "Harvest Moon SNES" in the .mp3 info....)

The beginning is very well done, interesting without being overstated, right up until 0:27 when the strings come in.

I tend to agree that the strings are a bit much, at least when they first start. It may be because you've got the two string parts going at the same time? They tend to muddle each other up. I would suggest dropping the pitch of the background one (meaning the part that continues past 1:22), so it's less like two violins playing at the same time and more like a violin with bass accompaniment.

They clear up at about 0:54 where they start doing two different parts so you can hear them both clearly, but until then it's more confused than anything else. I'm not sure if 0:54 to 1:22 would sound better with the violin/bass combo than how it is now, but I'd suggest giving it a shot and seeing how it turns out. You can always change it back if it doesn't work out.

The fluteish part that starts at 1:22 is good, but I think would sound better if the string was lower (in pitch, not volume) as well. The flute itself could be a little louder; as it is it tends to get overwhelmed by the string.

Things get muddled again around 1:52, but I'm less sure what it is in this section. Something in the background sounds a bit fuzzy; I'm not sure if it's the strings again or the same thing you were using in the beginning before 0:27, but something needs to be done with that.

I'm not thrilled with the ending; I feel like it needs a little more warning than we get, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that.

However, overall, it's a very promising mix! I like the way it captures the same sort of lonely/melancholy feeling that the original has, but expands on it.

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Not gonna get into much critiquing because this is the old version, and I don't know the source (and am too lazy to look it up). Still, it's pretty, so it's worth the work. Dunno how much you've changed it much from the source, but the way it's written here is beautiful, sounds a little russian/east european at times, and that's a compliment. Good luck.

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