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  1. Lol, i have Edirol orchestral too and would have never guessed its the same you are using (i need to start working wiht my vst's inestad of getting more and more). Would you share your Amplitube Metal settings? I use that when I record guitars at a friend's place. I'd really appreciate it.
  2. You should not mix music in order to listen to it through an eq in you media player. The eqs on media players are there so people can compensate for things like room size and crappy speakers (personal taste too). The remix overall feels empty.like Rozovian said. You need to get more people in there, it's too lonely.
  3. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention. I listen to mmxbraincoolerv9so2b3.mp3. It's amazing that what sounds like water drops is just a woodblock...
  4. I must admit I got a bit jelous. The guitars sound incredible. What are you using? The drums are nice too.
  5. Killer bass and guitar tones. What are you using? Amp simulators ? Drums. I love your hi hat. Toms lack power, specially for this kind of music. The kick could get a lot more attack, for a more aggressive approach. (Err, I just read you don't need comments on drums...) Vocals, well, I really can't say anything about the guturals (or whatever they are called in english), I just don't know much about the style. I'm sorry, but the chorus voice is a bit gay compared to the rest... It's nice , but death/black purists might laugh. (I like it though). Excelent song. Perhaps a guitar solo would be ni
  6. This is not really my style but i like your remix. When i first heard the source i was expecting some Liquid Tension-esque duels of guitars and synths. I like the spacey feeling ( i totally love the drops in the background). The production is superb too. Great use of eq and separation in 3 axis. It's a really fine job. However, I think it is a bit plain, I was waiting for it to explode at some time, to get heavier drums. Again, maybe i'm thinking in another style. Nice one.
  7. I love this remix. Great feeling, great atmosphere. I think that the low end is a bit muddy sometimes...
  8. I love your orcestra samples, what are you using? Guitar and drums sounds really good, they are really really tight.. The snare is a bit weak . I too would prefer to have a synth with the band instead of the strings. Overall nice.
  9. The drums are way too back and the piano way to front. When I listen with my eyes closed I feel I'm standing behind the pianist in a stage with a really loud bass player. I really like the new drums, except for the kick, it's too rockish for me.
  10. I've uploaded a new version a http://www.purevolume.com/thechostoproject Guitar solo is now edited. Started a new fresh mix, which i find a lot more pleasing that previous ones. Got rid of inserts in master output, hopefully that will deal with the weird compression pumps. I could as well use more variety in the drums and bass, but it is difficult to do so with midi stuff. I'm thinking that a cool synth would be better for the lead melody, i'll start looking for some nice sound. As for arragement, I know i gets repetitive , but I'm aiming to recreate the mood of the original one. To get into
  11. I love this remix. Great feeling, it gets me hyper. I too love the intro voices, really nice touch.
  12. Cubase has amazing midi editing capabilities, if you are planning on you using a lot of midi I certainly recommend it. I'm not sure if it has sheet music, I think it does. I've been using Cubase for some years and never bothered figuring it out. I've become used to the piano roll (though I'm a guitar player...)
  13. I recommend any of the recent amp modelling hardware, like Line 6 POD series or GT6 / from BOSS. Be advised that you must work to get your tone, you will have to read the (over 100 pages) manuals and spent a lot of time tweaking. But the result will be incredible. Think about your needs. Will you be recording just guitar? What about vocals, and bass, or other isntruments? Will you be playing live with it? The are some products, like the POD X3 live, that will excel both live and recording guitar, bass and vocals, though it is a bit expensive. Something like gearbox or guitar port will be good
  14. There are two ways to get a killer guitar tone while recording. One is to record anything and then work on the computer (requires lots of software, time and editing skills). The other one is to get the best tone in from your gear, then try to capture that (requires lots of gear, recording technique and skills). With your gear (crate amp and distortion pedal) I don't think you can get a great tone, but you can get a good one. You can get a buddy to play the guitar while you tweak the amp, pedal and guitar controls until you get a nice tone. Then record it several times while moving the mic aro
  15. I love the bass. Is it midi? Programmed or played? It has some really nice funky licks. The drums sound nice, though they are too rock instead of having that jazzy feeling. I think you could work a bit more on the piano comping, try to give it a more sincopated feeling, with less quantizing. Overall nice.
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