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Castlevania "Clockwork" instrumental


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In the judges panel my Vampire Killer was told to be high well "to" high in reverb. Other things to such as I don't make a harpsichord sound like a harpsichord.

I feel as a musician you can sound havever you want with whatever you want expecially with computers BUT this dosen't de-nounce (wonder if thats a correct term) Musical Edicate and one shouldn't think just a bleep and blop here and there is true music. :? Anyhow here is a link http://www.vampirefreaks.com/kennethtraisebelmont The belmont is rather a pun for my style and covers. Feel free to listen to all my original works but "Clockwork" is what I want judged befor entering it. Also I would like to say thank to the judges not saying anything about the music being horrible or un-important. Rather just pointed out that this that and the bag of chips was missing the air inside so it's gone stale. They also instructed me to come here so I may be pre-judged.

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Well I do really enjoy your original compositions a lot. They have a really beautiful flair and never sound forced.

I do think that your cover of Clockwork needs a lot of work. As it stands the song is much to close to the source material. There are some parts of the song that sounds muddled from 00:14 to 00:50 the whole passage sounds very rushed and the original notes are placed very awkward. This also stands true for the parts that repeat this part. The emptiness referred to earlier is the fact that you have a maximum of 3 instruments that play at any single time and there are some parts where one instrument stands alone and it makes the song sound very bare bones.

Heres what I think you should do.

-Diversify your arrangement

It sounds to close to the original to qualify for the OCR remix standard.

-Use some different instruments

Everyone and their mother has a Clockwork remix and many of them have harpsichords and piano. What makes yours any different?

-Work on your tempo

Are you making a fast Clockwork track or a slow one. The tempo is rushed and jumbles up the song.

-Listen to the source music more

Break the song down and really hear what makes the song tick. Hear the spacing and pauses. They are especially important in this song.

Keep working on it. I can tell by your other original songs that you have some awesome skills so just go for it. Be silly and experiment, work outside of the box.

I hope I wasn't to harsh or anything.

Happy Composing.

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I think it feels a bit hollow. One way I'd suggest to fill it out would be to add some lower strings. I also didn't hear much variety throughout. To get a track on OCR, you need to deviate somewhat from the source material, which means some experimentation with the track to find a unique take on it. I like the dark, edgy feel thus far (reminds me of Castlevania 64), so my two pieces of advice would be to add some deeper sounds, probably strings, to fill the track out, and to put some more variety into the song. Clockwork is a difficult song to tackle, but I think you've got something here. Keep working at it.

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No source link, no source comment. Also, find a better host, flash players are annoying, some of them compress the files.

The sustained notes sound terrible, piano sounds mechanical. A bit of vibrato/tremolo on the sustained notes might help. As for the piano, watch the velocities, they need to be different. See what beats you want to emphasize.

The arrangement is pretty repetitive, but changing the rhythm around half way through and adding low strings for support might help. You need to do something to change it up, I got tired of it after half a minute or so, so it needs to be more varied.

Samples and processing ain't bad, imo, and the writing is nice. You might still be a bit too far into high-range territory, the strings are pretty shrill. Just don't make any drastic changes about production until you've heard from someone with more reliable headphones.

Good luck.

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