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TLoZ: Majora's Mask has some potent tracks


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Feels like a lot of well known songs from that game could make some good remixes. If youve ever played the game you should recognize some of these songs just by the title. I've got the soundtrack in front of me so I'll just name some of the most remix-able songs.

Title Theme/Clock Town

Last Day (music of clock town before the moon lands)

Astral Observatory

Song of Healing/Clock Tower

Pirates Fortress (obscure song, but very good)

Oath to Order/Giant's Theme/Calling the Four Giants

Ballad of the Wind Fish (kinda short, would take some real creativity)

Majora's Mask/Incarnate/Wrath (differents songs that share the same core sounds)

Deku Palace

Rosa Sisters/Kamaro's Dance (might not be identifiable by the title)

Milk Bar

Stone Temple (there's actually a remix for this already)

These are probably the most unique and remix-worthy tracks from the game.

Cmon people, show MM some love:puppyeyes:

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