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Zelda: Wind Waker Great Sea


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Not the first time I'm posting a wip of the same song there's already a wip of. This time, I'm stealing progressive's thunder.

Great Sea and The Sea Is Cursed, orchestral arrangement.

Haven't touched this in half a year, and haven't done much orchestral stuff lately, so I'd probably find a lot to complain about myself. 'Cept I'm so used to it. I'm mostly looking for comments on the arrangement, but I'll take anything you've got. I'll probably use different samples and different reverb, so the production will different. Just haven't gotten around to that yet.




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Double post for the bump. :razz:

Intro is great, but a little short. I think the pizzicato strings overpower the nice melody a bit in this first section.

The lead-in to The Sea is Cursed at 2:14 is great. I like that entire section, but I think it could use more intensity. I've got my headphones turned up but the menace isn't quite there.

This is a personal taste issue, but I think that plodding timp(?) (can't tell it's a bit fuzzy) isn't needed after you go back to The Great Sea the second time. It would be nice for this section to be soaring and lighthearted, like the curse has been lifted, and that beat keeps it close to the ground.

Outro could be longer, imo.

Overall, I think it's great so far. Sometimes it can sound a bit sparse between solos, but again that's personal taste with orchestra.

Looking forward to the next update.

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This is nice! Production is a little muffly, but you said you were going to rework that anyway.

Basically I'm going to have to agree with the stuff progressive mentioned. The cursed section could use more intensity (I think louder percussion would help there), and the following section would be a little more open without the heavy-sounding beat.

And yeah, the ending is a bit abrupt. I feel like it would work better with a smooth fadeout of the last chord or something.

Definitely different enough from progressive's remix. Has a nice flavor. I'll be watching for the next version.

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Yay! Great Sea = win. Yup I agree with both progressive and Hylian Lemon however, for own personal taste, really think you should flesh out the whole thing towards the end. It's probably not the 'scene' you're going for with this but I really like the I, V, Vminor, IV riff (if you catch me there) and would love to hear it enphisised a lil' more. 'Part from that, like it ^^

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