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SEGA Genesis FM SoundFont?

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I've been looking for a sound font that has actual samples from the SEGA Genesis, similar to the Super Famicom/Nintendo soundfont. I've searched high and low and could never find anything even remotely related, or if it even exists.

Can anyone help?

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Samples are useless in this case; get yourself a neat 4-op FM synthesizer and you'll have all the sounds you want in far better quality. FM is hard to sample; its metallic, glassy sounds have a lot of dynamics going on, so if they're sampled, they sound pretty bad.

Or heck, even 6-op will work. http://www.discodsp.com/phantom/ but for the money Native Instruments FM8 and Sytrus are probably better. Too bad the christmas blowout on those is already over.

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for a free Megadrive-ey FM synth I would recommend VOPM:


It's not EXACTLY like a Megadrive, but it does emulate the Yamaha YM2151 chip, which sounds damn near close to the Megadrive's YM2612, and was used in CPS1 arcade cabinets. So yeah, forget soundfonts for anything chip-related, this VSTi is as close as you're going to get, unless you wanna get TFM Maker:


Also: "without having to build them from scratch" you say? Humbug! Building your own sounds is the best part!

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So yeah,

For those who are interested, I have FM sounds rendered in sf2. format. Some heavy DX7/TX81Z bass stuff, plus FM Bells and more. I really wish it had horns and woodwinds. Anyhow, it is worth checking:


An example I made using these:


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You can actually rip instruments from GYM and VGM into VOPM's patch format. That would give you authentic sounds.

I made a page up that has links to the tools you need (about 1/3 of the way down):


Some of the soundfonts on there might have the type pf sound you're looking for as well.

Corrections or suggestions on the page would be appreciated as it's a WIP and may not be completely accurate.

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See if this still works.


This has a lot of stuff from the Sonic games I believe. I just got it from a different source and haven't tried too much of it out yet, but give it a shot.

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