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OCR01932 - *YES* Tales of Symphonia 'Pixelated Tales'


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* Your ReMixer name: Showroom Dummy

* Your real name : Ralf Schneider

* Your email address: sh0wroomdummy@yahoo.com

* Your userid : 23981

* Name of game(s) arranged: Tales of Symphonia

* Name of individual song(s): Sylvarant Field Music

* Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc:


I made this mix for PRC, it was very well recieved inside and outside of it, hope you like it.

For the description I will copy the past description i wrote for the competition:

Well I decided I should remix this song, but I should make it a challenge too, so I limited myself to create all the sounds in this song using only raw squarewaves. Of course, I applied all sorts of effects and stuff to them, and in the end, it turned out to be very fun and I really enjoy the results. Even some of the drums are made out of a raw squarewave. (also, no drumloops)

I did this in some kind of electro/8-bit style, with a heavy influence from my favorite electronic music band EVER: Kraftwerk. The nods are very apparent in there, but I also borrowed elements from some of my favorite old school electro producers, like Model 500.

Anyways enough with the explanations, just enjoy this little voyage into old school sounds :).

For the link, I don't have webspace so I will link to the hosting at compo.thasauce I hope it's not a problem

Sorry about any bad english found in this letter.

LT Edit - Source video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuBVT8JEgos


Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack - 114 "The land of Sylvarant"

Interesting approach, and certainly a cool explanation about the synth design. The texture was simplistic, a little too much so IMO, but it was still fairly solid and the mixing was effective. Still, this really could use another element to flesh this out. Some more variation of the lead tone brought in at 1:18 would have helped as well.

The last notes at 4:04 completely messed up the ending. :lol: I would have used a fadeout to cap it at 3:57.

The arrangement's tempo was similar to the original, and the overall feel was conservative, but there were a lot of little details here and there that ultimately distinguished it from the source. Gimme a little more complexity and substance in the textures to hook this up all the way, and make sure the ending clicks. Good stuff so far, Ralf, and a pleasant surprise in the bonus material of Summoning of Spirits.

NO (resubmit)

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Ralf Schneider? Get out, there's no way that's your real name. :lol: If it is, it's no wonder you like Kraftwerk so much.

Apart from the 3:25 section, honestly, I didn't hear that much Kraftwerk influence! It's very full, something you don't hear in Kraftwerk. It sounds more like the bands that were inspired by them. Not that any of that matters, I liked this a lot. You got great mileage out of the squarewave, tweaking it with distortion, envelopes, and effects. It's easy to hear the original in this, but there's a lot of you in it too. Very good work, though the ending would have been better as a fadeout at 3:57.

There was a lot of variety in terms of parts and frequency ranges; I disagree with Larry's criticism on the texture being simple or thin. I don't see any reason not to pass this, so...


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That is some crazy phasing. My ears are on the verge of exploding. :<

So, I'm with Vinnie in that the instrumentation here seems fine to me. I can see where Larry is coming from, but what's here is fine. The level of interpretation here is a little weak, IMHO, but only because as Larry said, the key and tempo are so close that it just doesn't seem all that progressive.


It's loaded with all kinds of nifty little sonic experiments that are lots of fun to listen to, and I think that kept it above the water well enough. I thought I heard a couple clicks in there, but it's hard to say with the naturally glitchy drum palette. This mix is nothing epic or groundbreaking, but it's lots of fun otherwise.


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Not a very daring arrangement aside from the sound conversion, but the added stuff and textural progression put it over the bar. Synths are all used well. Ending is weird, I'm with the posse on that one, but it can stay. More could be done to put this further over the bar, but as it is, I'm cool with it.


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