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OCR01892 - *YES* Final Fantasy 4 'Éminence Grise'


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* OA and DragonAvenger

Submission Information

* Final Fantasy 4

* Another Moon

* http://www.ocremix.org/game/final-fantasy-iv-snes/chiptunes/

OA comments:

This was a really fun track to work on, and it seemed to come together really fast. I think DA's voice is perfect for the mood we were trying to convey, which is a sortof mysterious tension with sinister overtones. Projectwise, it's the lead-in track to the Climax of the final battle, so it needed to slowly build. The end leaves you expecting more, which is more effective in the album itself (with the next track resolving), but i think it works well enough to stand on it's own.

Lyrics came together really fast, with DA making a few welcome suggestions at the end. The title is a reference to game storyline.

Extra thanks to Jay, Connor, and Justin for whispers and effects. You guys are awesome. :-)

DA comments:

When Andrew originally asked me what track I wanted to do on the project, I give him a few options, Another Moon being one of them. He immediately jumped on it, and I was pretty much along for the ride. He came up with lyrics when I was stuck, which I helped him complete later on. We both worked towards creating an ominous feel, in lyrics, voice, and during the track as a whole.

Working with him was really easy, and he was always open to my ideas. The style of the song worked well with my voice, I love the effects that Andrew added. I look forward to working with him again.


Something's sleeping

In the darkness

No one knows what

Broken minds think

Something's calling

From the deep void

Deathly intent

Grasping midnight


Something's waking

Growing fury

Second moon now

Bleeding skies red




Something's coming

Getting closer

I can hear it

Calling my name


http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=ff4 - "Another Moon" (ff4-40.spc)

The timing of "second moon now" sounded awkward, but not a big deal. Those claps were way too loud & upfront. Not sure why y'all didn't realize that, but pull that stuff back for my sanity.

Otherwise, really strong. Loved the synth section at 2:35. Cool glassy sounds added into the last verse at 3:14 as well. The arrangement was pretty straightforward, but very personalized. Great example of how you can retain the structure while completely enhancing with unique arrangement ideas.

YES (conditional)

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The arrangement is similar in sound, but the personalization is obvious. You took a mood implied by the original and made it much stronger, IMO. Both of you are in top form here; DA's voice sounds the strongest I've heard it, and OA's production is smoother and more well-balanced than his previous subs. Great effects on the vocals. I wouldn't have minded the song building up more - bringing in a heavy trip-hop beat halfway through would have been awesome - but this was very cool as is, an easy YES.


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This worked pretty well as a vocal. Nothing to fault with the arrangement. The synth solo is pretty great. Claps could be pushed back a bit, but I don't mind 'em. Production is very solid, no sour spots.

That's all I've got, nice work.


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