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wait, that can't be warning forever can it?

Aki Minoriko being in the Asteroid Harvester and Marisa having the options flying beside her firing lasers should have hinted ya it being Gradius V. :lol:

I actually though the blue orb in the middle of the ship would have given it away as well. Hmm.

edit* Oh yeah did ya accept my request? :P

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yeah, well I was a computer gamer until the PS1 and Tyrian had me pretty much occupied until I discovered the internet

It's all good, at the very least you now know about it. :)!!

You can now get all of the Gradius games on the Gradius Collection for the PSP, but for Gradius V you'll have to get it for the PS2.

As for R-Type, just get Final R-Type to get the chance to play with practically every single ship that appeared in the series, and some fun ones. I was sure though you've played Final R-type as well...

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