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  1. Man, twenty years already. Still remember reading your Twas poems back when I was in high school (which might as well feel like eons ago). As always I've enjoyed reading them around the holidays. And have a Merry Christmas.
  2. I've always enjoyed reading your poems throughout the years you've been doing this. Amazing that it's almost been 20 years you've kept this up. Happy Holidays to you.
  3. I've always enjoyed reading these back in the days of UnMod. Amazing that you've been doing this for nearly 20 years.
  4. Can we go ahead and post our friend codes here? FC: SW-1460-8986-2212 Username is Gila Moo
  5. My local GameStop is hosting a midnight launch party for the Nintendo Switch. Anyone else's?
  6. Not a single mention of how Nintendo Network is going to work on the Switch. I really hope they would at least show it in the coming presentations but them not even talking about it on their biggest presentation is just baffling.
  7. GilaMoo#1175 Still getting the hang of it, but I'm finding Zenyatta to be one of my favorite character to play, especially since a lot of the time nobody chooses a support character at the beginning of the match.
  8. Hello. Would like to add my NNID to the list NNID:GilaMoo Hope to play with some of all in Splatoon.
  9. Got it reserved for Friday. By the way, would it be alright to post our NNID on the 3DS Friend Code thread or make a separate thread for it? I don't think there's a thread dedicated to registering friends on the Wii U yet.
  10. Hey, the new firmware update finally lets us use themes. http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/system-update
  11. So how's the online matches been going for yall. Mines ranges from smooth to barely playable.
  12. Just a few hours in and I've been enjoying this game very much. Add me if you want.
  13. The Bravely Default demo is now up. Gonna try it now.
  14. Hello. Added you for friend safari. If you want to add me my FC is 3222-6417-2886

  15. With the 3DS now updated with Miiverse, I was wondering if we can add our NNID along with our 3DS FC. Here's mine - GilaMoo
  16. Hello.

    Added you to my friend's list for safari. My FC is 3222-6417-2886

  17. Here's my friend code for the safari if anyone else is looking to add more. 3222-6417-2886
  18. Just received my copy of Pokemon Y. The Gamestop where I reserved it is small so I was able to get it right when I walked in.
  19. Here's Chespin's third form. http://images.4chan.org/vp/src/1380753841371.jpg
  20. Hello. I've added you to my 3DS friend list.

    Mines is 3222 6417 2886

  21. Atlus is bringing over the new Etrian Odyssey game later this year A pretty big surprise. I did not expect them to get to it so soon
  22. The demo for EO IV is up now. It's not in the demo section yet so you have to type in "etrian" in the search box to get it.
  23. Just a heads up on the upcoming Etrian Odyssey IV demo coming out soon. Can't wait, since this 'll give me a good way to test out party builds before starting the main game.
  24. Added you to my 3DS friends list. I'm Gila Moo.

  25. The sequel to 999, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward came out today. Anyone else got it?
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