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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (SPOILERS)

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So, who saw the finale of the series? I've been following it since day 1 and I was just blown away. I'm still trying to piece things together...

* Catherine Weaver was good all along!

* John Henry went to the future in a terminator body... but why? What happened to him? Also, what happened to Weaver after she went to the future?

* Weaver appears to be the same T-1000 as the one encountered on the Jimmy Carter. However, why, on the Jimmy Carter, does she say that she WON'T join John? Huh?

* John is in the future, but at a time when he hasn't risen to leadership yet (this means that the Terminator 3 timeline is definitely not in effect)

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Damn it, I forgot to watch it last night :/ I'll have to either torrent it or catch is on Hulu soon.

Edit: Oh, it's already on Hulu. I haven't read anything about said about the episode Zircon so I haven't spoiled anything for myself yet :3 Watching now.

Edit 2: Holy. Shit.

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What. Just when it starts getting good?

The big questions I have are mostly regarding what you had in the OP... And since they had played with alternate timelines earlier in the season, we've no idea what sort of future John landed in. I want to know what the deal between John Henry and Cameron was, too.

Plus John's all riled up now that he saw the robot boobies. Intrigue!

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Hm, I'm no sure I would be all riled up after seeing Cameron boobies, if right after, I had to cut the chest cavity open & reach in. It would just sully the whole thing.

I think, if given the chance, John would return to the "present", even more world weary than before. With a newfound chip on his shoulders. Probably leading up to T4 salvation. Kinda like the last Hulk movie could be a considered a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk, as a continuation of the TV series, or as a new standalone movie. That's how I think they originally intended the show to function as.

All in all, I loved this episode. The storyline really kicked into high gear the last few episodes, & I'm left wanting, considering that that was probably the series finale... on Fox. They only own the rights to first broadcast I believe. Technically, the guys that are doing T4 produce the show. So, I hope the show keeps on, keeping on.

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