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  1. Yeah, the drums are most deffinitely clipping, and they probably could have used a nice hat and tom fill coming in, but they work and fill out the mix nicely. And a note to everyone else- do not play this mix near your grandma- Mine damn near had a heart attack when the drums first came in.
  2. hahahahaha I got someone else to post off of Golden Sun!
  3. The Library that got blown up in the first few episodes (I can't remember which) was my school that I graduated from . it's Highland Highschool out of Albuquerque NM. there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your school blown up on tv, even if it is fake.
  4. Anohther goos song would be the theme that plays right when you give away the shamans rod in TLA. it's awesome, and really, if it could be mixed, it'd be awesome.
  5. I just put my computer on shuffel and this mix came on. it's been one of my favs since it came out, and really it's awesome.. the guitar riffs are insanely well done, but I have to say that my favorite part of this mix is the subito dynamic changes down to the piano interludes. awesome mix. well done guys
  6. most def, the bicycle theme, it's fricken AWESOME!!! gosh that's a great piece of musical writing there... and it's even in a Pokemon game which is suprising enough.
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