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Bramble Blast Remix


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This is my first post here. I am looking for some feedback. This was composed with FL Studio 7 and my Yamaha keyboard. This is my first attempt at remixing anything. Also, I would consider it my first complete song. I spent a lot of time learning to use the program before I tried any VGM. I picked this song simply because a request from a friend.

There are a few parts in the song that I know are not right, but that's where you guys come in!



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What you've got sounds pretty good, but not a lot happens. There's no melody until about 1 1/2 minutes in, and when it does come in it's a little bit hard to hear what it's doing. And it sounds as though it's been simplified a lot. But it's good that you've also added to it. After that it kinda goes back to not doing much. HOWEVER that might just be me, as I like songs with a lot of melody. Best get some more opinions before you go changing it. =)

I also think you need to find some better samples. These ones sound a little low quality.

A little short, but I'm assuming there's going to be more later.

Anyway, keep going with it, it's sounding good! :-P

(This is a ReMix of the Brawl version right?)

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thanks for the feedback

yeah, definitely i planned on making it longer.

yeah i just used stock samples, because that's all i really knew how lol

so yeah, definitely still learning

im not sure how i like fl studio overall... however i know there's a whole section on the forum about software and equipment

what's the most popular program used for the average ocremix?

my friend is going to be buying a yamaha motif xs8 pretty soon (we get a sick discount where i work...from 3799 to like 1850 plus tax), and I'm sure i'll be able to share a lil...lol

thanks again

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I'm liking this, man.

And I mean a lot.

The ending is a smidge too abrupt, though. At 1:29, when the Aphex Twin bouncing ball thing comes back, it's kind of anti-climactic, since you have this beautiful, epic buildup and then it kind of stops for that sample, at which point the song picks up again.

If you wanna incorperate the bouncing ball effect somewhere else in the mix (I like it, it just feels out of place), then I'd recommend having it in places that aren't otherwise "empty." Drop it from the first few seconds and bring it in at about 0'7" or so, or something. When it shows up later, have it kind of duel with that nice "airship" synth you got going. You know, pop in once or twice, but don't draw too much attention to it. I think the piano just gets overpowered by it, though. Maybe instead of having it play all the way through, just have 2 bounces. Play with it.

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The noise at :12-:14 sounds really awkward, because it feels as if it's supposed to build something larger. Bring the melody in the beginning parts out a little more, it's still being overshadowed by the electronics. I like the piano alot, the "guitar" sounds a little wierd, might want to work on that.

Ending feels too abrupt. Overall, it still feels unfinished, especially the synth parts, but it has alot of potential to be great.

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Man, remixing David Wise stuff isn't easy to do =p

So grats for having the nerve for trying hehe.

Anyhoo, this track feels a bit mild for me, I think it suffers from a lack of energy; like varying up the dynamics could help there, as well as boosting the over-all volume a bit. Oh and compressing/distorting helps a lot.

On the composition side, it seems pretty dang solid, nothing really stuck out as awkward or random to me.

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Hey i'm liking this, sounds cool.

Ending is abrupt like people have said.

You have some nice, yet simple sounding synths, i'm loving those background appeggios, altho I think the 8-bit square synth sounds a little dry, it sticks out a little in the soundscape.

I also think that some of the samples aren't great, like the piano and that lead synth that plays later in the mix, and the drums sound incredibly thin, in my opinion the worst aspect.

I can't say much about the arrangement, as there isn't a link to the source (hint hint) but the structure is good, it doesn't get boring after repeat listens for me.

Your showing a lot of potential, considering this is your first near-complete work, great stuff.

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