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  1. I love the string and guitar work. This is waay better than the original in my opinion.
  2. First minute was kind of repetitive and the constant panning between the left and right also got a little annoying. I like the effects and overall strangeness of the sound. Drums sound a bit too loud in certain spots. Almost felt like the ending was dropped in there though. In a weird way I wanted it to be longer than it really was.
  3. Besides the samples, this doesn't bad. Bring the melody out a bit more, as well as the bass drum. Snare seems to stick out. Strings sticks out a little too much as well. I think the most important is bringing the melody out. Everytime I hear remixes song I just hear those 5 notes over and over, when there is so much more.
  4. Bring out the guitar out, the synth sound of the strings also doesn't work as well. Better samples are needed. The drums also have a very artificial quality to it. It also sounds very repetitive. I would definitely add some more variety to it. Ending is also too abrupt.
  5. The noise at :12-:14 sounds really awkward, because it feels as if it's supposed to build something larger. Bring the melody in the beginning parts out a little more, it's still being overshadowed by the electronics. I like the piano alot, the "guitar" sounds a little wierd, might want to work on that. Ending feels too abrupt. Overall, it still feels unfinished, especially the synth parts, but it has alot of potential to be great.
  6. The first thing I want to bring up is using better samples. Currently, this sounds very much like a midi file.
  7. The remix itself has definite potential. I'll just echo everybody else and suggest better music samples. What you're using sounds like it came from a midi file, and lacks the "human" quality. It should like an actual orchestra played this song. A minor suggestion, but when doing orchestral remixes like this, I think it works well to vary tempo. That makes it feel more authentic.
  8. Sounds really solid. I think it should the "remix" should start a little sooner. I would have stopped listening if you hadn't said that the first minute was radically different. I do like the transition though, I didn't notice it kicked in until a half past the second minute.
  9. Only OCR can take one of the sadder songs in Dawn of a New World and make it into a pop-rock masterpiece. Regarding songs like "No Better Time Than Now" and "Beyond Absentminded", is there any place where we can view the lyrics?
  10. Gets a little repetitive. Also, I would probably bring the main melody out more.
  11. This is my first post on OCRemix. I've got to say, I've been lurking around OCRemix for a couple of years now. I was first brought to this site when the project was still in it's early stages a couple of years ago when I was crazy about Tales of Symphonia and it's music. As time passed I would end up remembering about this project and checked this site often to see whether it had actually progressed. I was egged on by the special preview tracks such as "Beyond Absentminded" and "Koan of Drums" and visited OCRemix much more often seeing the site more as what it was intended for. That said, on
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