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That stupid smirk

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Apparently, a male dolphin's ejaculation at point blank can snap a man's neck. I've also heard that out of the water, the sheer force can actually decapitate you.

Thanks for providing me with a night of laughs at 1:30 in the morning O_o

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In that pic, Sonic has Attitude, Shadow has Badidude. Tails has the geek worry face, whereas Eggman has the Geek excitement face. K.N.U.C.K.L.E.S. has the "gangsta" gonna fuck you up face, Rouge has the slutty I'm gonna fuck you face...

The comp is actually quite interesting.


That was EXACTLY what I was thinking with the same plane of logic, considering that the good/bad have that similar-yet-opposite polarity.


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Share on other sites now I'm thinking: "what kind of subconscious influence could this subtle smirk terrorism have had on me all this time, during my formative years?"

And then I look at my art:




Oh come on!


You've got to be kidding me!


Okay this one isn't that smirky, but it's like they can't even smile at all :D

u_u; granted these are more or less angry faces, rather than smirky ones...I still blame western media for this!

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