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PRC145 - Let's Race to the Past (RC Pro Am)


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It's results time.

This time three remixers entered, one after extension. Prophecy tried to make a double, Gario and Just64helpin entered as well. Ghetto Lee Lewis submitted R.C. Pro Am as source, not the longest ever, but still very interesting. Ghetto Lee Lewis submitted a bonus mix.

5 Voters this round and again all users received a first place. At the end, two remixers ended very close.

Total number of mixes - 3

Total number of votes - 5

Ghetto Lee Lewis entered a Bonus Mix which is worth uploading to ThaSauce. That's gonna happen later.

Highest possible score - 18

Minimum possible score with voting - 8

Just64helpin received a first place, but not enough points to pass the others. He gets the last place wooden spoon with 10 points.

Gario was close, but people got afraid he was going to post the hammer theme and that's why (just kidding of course) he ends at 14 points and second place.

This rounds winner is Prophecy with 15 points!

Congratulations Prophecy. Even an ear infection didn't stop you from winning. I hope you are feeling better now, and Gario too.

Prophecy submitted a very good work. There where some 'silent gaps' in it, which almost made it end second. At the end, Prophecy gave Just64helpin first place and thanks to that, Gario didn't win. This makes a double, after winning PRC143 he couldn't take the victory in PRC144. At #145, he's back and wins again.

Prophecy, you may select the source for the next round, PRC146. Send your source to me (with a MID/MP3 file if you can) by PM before next Friday, 8 May at 11:59 am Eastern US Time.

You may select any source from any game, as long as it doesn't have an Overclocked Remix and it hasn't been on PRC before.

Yes, even the Hammer Theme from Donkey Kong is allowed.

See you next Friday.

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Wow, I'm surprised mine fared as well as it did (especially against Prophecy's mix, which I personally agree was superior to mine, this time). Well I'll shoot for the stars next time, then (and don't worry, I won't make you do the hammer theme from DK, if it ever comes down to it :nicework:). If my song sounded unfinished... well, I lost the enthusiasm due to my own sickness (now developing into a fever... I wonder if I'z gots the Swine sickness! Paranoia, lol), so I felt the need to cut it short and try to get some sleep, for once '~'. Sorry, GLL :P

I noticed a lot of people didn't like Prophecy's stops in his music... I don't know, that was the part that I really liked about it, myself. Silence is an instrument people rarely use, so kudos, Prophecy :).

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I don't think any of us really developed our songs to their full potential. Oh well, there's always next time, right? Bundeslang, would it be alright if I picked a song from another popular online freeware game?

Sorry to hear about your illness Gario. I can certainly relate. I'm able to hear my mix now, yay! The mids have so many eq problems and the synthetic voice has so much wrong with it. The attack is WAY too fast. When I get my voice back, maybe I can replace it with my own. Now, to pick a mix for prc 146...

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Sorry to hear about your illness Gario.
And yours, as well, Prophecy. Actually, yours is probably worse than mine was (ear infection > cold/flu imo, especially with a composer/remixer). Mine was simply an excuse not to put 100% into my remix :P.

Go, pick an awesome mix for PRC!

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