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The Hunt for Gollum: a fan film that may actually look promising?

Black Mage

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I happened upon this via theawesomer.com, it's a fan film called The Hunt for Gollum. I was watching the trailers and I'm pretty impressed from what I saw. Production quality looks solid, that acting seems good, and it looks to maintain the same visual styles of the real LOTR movies.

It seems to take place in the middle of The Fellowship of the Ring, after Gandalf leaves the Shire to research the Ring of Power. I think Gandalf enlists Aragorn and other Rangers to, as the title suggests, track down Gollum.

I gotta say I'm quite intrigued, really. Should be interesting to see how well they pull-off Gollum, the orcs, elves, etc.

The film is about 40 minutes long and will released online, May 3rd...for free, no less!

Thoughts? I think this will worth an hour of my Sunday. ^_^


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