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Besides playing video games, I've always had a passion for taking photos of objects and wilderness. I know you can get a job being a photographer, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience in it. How hard is it to get a job, is the money good enough to make a living/career out of it, etc.

I'm looking to get into a more serious camera finally(D-SLR), so if I can get a job doing what I love, I'd never have to work a day in my life. I think that's a famous quote or something..

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It's very hard. It takes a lot of know-how, contacts in the field, huge investments, time-consuming procedures that might result in something no one will buy, no matter how good it is. You can't just be good. You have to be GREAT. You have to know your shit perfectly and be fully up to date with every little tech detail and know the involved software.

And in the end, it's still very word-of-mouthy and your personality is going to speak more than your actual work.

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Yeah, that's what I figured. I mean, I look at these photographers at sporting events and wonder how much pressure they have to get the perfect shot, and how easy it is to lose a job if you aren't good. Maybe I should just turn this into a photography hobby thread where everyone can share pics :P

Here's some random pictures I've taken.

Damned powerlines ruined this shot. No photoshop involved here. This is really how the sky looked, heh.




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What kind of camera do you have now, Bigfoot?

I mainly use just a point and shoot Sony DSC-T5. I bought my Mom a Canon S5-IS for her birthday(last year I think), and I use that for fun from time to time.

I'm looking to get the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel T1i.

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This is when the DS Lite first came out. Kinda took this one by accident, but I figured I'd keep it with the whole "touch" screen thing. :P




Again, when the DS Lite came out. Got bored and made a wallpaper out of it, heh.


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OMG! Bigfoot, I love that photo of the dragonfly, it is impressive. Besides, I think that you might an extremely sophisticated camera, since this image quality is highly high :o

Thanks :)

Yeah, the one with the Dragonfly was taken with the Canon S5 IS.

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I just got a fancy camera (Canon Powershot S5 IS) a little bit back and I love playing around with it. Here's a few. (If you can't tell, I'm slightly obsessed with the super macro feature on the camera)


The view from my window


Raindrop on the window


My viola


I couldn't resist. Herman Li at a Dragonforce concert last week.

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One of my best pics


Taken in Atlanta. Turned off auto white balance because my camera wanted to take all the yellow hue out. My only regret is that I didn't have a tripod handy and it's a little blurred because of shaky hands.

If it doesn't show up, see it here

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Aww, that raccoon is so cute. The reflective DS Lite one is a nice concept, too.

I've heard generally good things about the Canon Rebel stuff but I haven't looked into it much... I have got a Panasonic Lumix last year and while its zoom is pretty awesome for its size, I kinda want another camera already...

But yeah, to succeed through photography alone you have to get some REALLY impressive shots, because there are tons of excellent photographers out there (especially with cameras getting easier and easier to use) and it's hard to stand out. A lot of it would come from how you promote yourself. I know a couple professional photographers fairly well and while they're booked pretty often for wedding/portrait/etc. shoots, it's a supplemental job.

Anyway, here's some of my stuff.





(sorry for the size)

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It was a weird story with the raccoon. I first found him lying in the gutter. I thought he was dead, but then he moved to a different spot. Then, I thought he was just sick or something. My brother tried to get him off the roof(in a way I didn't approve :| ) by getting on the roof and spraying him with the hose. I felt so bad for it because he was so afraid/confused and looked too afraid to jump off the roof. It eventually did and took off.

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I never got into it professionally, but I'd say start by asking the people buying them. Find out what kinds of shots they're actually looking for. I'd imagine a high quality, well timed shot from any political event has got to be worth something to the media. There's got to be a stock footage company or animal magazine that would love your nature shots. You've got a good eye by the way, at least your macro shots: good angles, lighting, framing. I bet you could sell something if you tried.

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