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  1. Hey OCR crowd! Wanted to quick plug the newest Castlevania tribute album I ran, after last year's X68000 album. https://smarturl.it/thebelmontadventure It's what it says on the package; a tribute to the music from the first 2 Gameboy Castlevania games, Adventure and Belmont's Revenge. Again had a fantastic troop of musicians helping me create this album (Snappleman, Alexander Brandon, Viking Guitar, etc.), which I've wanted to do for a little while but never put into motion until earlier this year. It's got a bevy of genres - metal, rock, orchestral, jazzy prog, electronic from a bunch of remix artists and even a few game composers in the mix! I'm really proud of the variety and skill that was brought to this album while covering some of my favorite music from the series. It's released currently on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and more. Proceeds will go to Bat Conservation International to help endangered bat species and their habitats; because you can't have a Castlevania without bats!
  2. Yeah, sorry. When streifig updated the page he forgot to update the songs....fixed now!
  3. Whoops, sorry about that. You can listen to all of the entries here - http://dwellingofduels.net/duels/16-09-opposing-bloodlines/
  4. THE VOTES ARE IN! THE WINNER HAS BEEN DECIDED!! ---- #1 WASD - Turrican - Turricane Huelsbeck - above average -0.05 #2 LONELYROLLINGSTARS - Splatoon - SPLATATOUILLE - above average -0.06 #3 SuperFX - Tetris - Tetris Theme - above average -0.23 #4 sigmabeta - Chrono Trigger - Wings that Cross Time - above average -0.38 #5 Demonstray - Sonic & Knuckles - Guy Manctuary Zone - average +0.34 #6 Careless Juja - Bastion, Kingdom Hearts - Hollow Bastion - average +0.32 #7 Soniferous - Chrono Trigger - Trial and Errors - below average +0.13 Voters: 16 WASD comes out on top by a hair! I want to thank everyone who entered, voted, attended the listening party live or online (despite the online stream being delayed a bit, #blameWill). If there is another MAG Labs/Classic, this might be something we continue doing! (though with more notice for bands to enter.) <3
  5. All entries have been collected as far as I have seen. If you submitted and did not get a email confirmation, let me know ASAP. So the listening party will be Friday, September 9th starting at 2:30pm at Panels 2 - Aspen. We will have the competition listening party, and then a general DoD hangout after. We also will be streaming live on http://www.8bitx.com/. Hope to see people there!
  6. Throwing out a reminder - less than 2 weeks before the deadline for this! Also, a recent question came up about medleys - yes, medleys of game music from either the same or different series are allowed. Submissions do not need to be arrangements of just one game track. All submissions can be sent to: bandbattle@originalsoundversion.com
  7. UPDATE! New prizes have been added to the pot for the grand winner of the battle. On top of being features on Original Sound Version for an entire month, the winning band will also receive their pick from one of three different sample libraries, courtesy of Impact Soundworks, who have become our new sponsor. The winner will be able to choose one of the following libraries: Shreddage Bass 2 Shreddage Drums Super Audio Cart Again, final submissions are due September 5th and can be emailed to bandbattle@originalsoundversion.com
  8. So if you can release an single or quick enter some other competition prior to this one as a band....then sure, enter away!
  9. Dwelling of Duels and Original Sound Version present.... An open competition for any video game related and inspired bands to test their skills against one another in a battle royal to be crowned THE BEST AROUND! (nothin's gonna ever keep you down!) Join in the battle and pit your band's prowess against other VGM bands! Pick your song from any game, have fun and ROCK ON! For full competition details, visit.... Opposing Bloodlines: Battle of the VGM Bands Submissions due SEPTEMBER 5th. Listening Party & voting during MAGFEST LABORATORIES!
  10. Shnabubula was kind enough to grant me an interview regarding his work on Americana Dawn. Check it out! http://www.originalsoundversion.com/interview-with-americana-dawns-composer-shnabubula/
  11. I'mma just gonna put this right here..... ORGINAL SOUND VERSION - Dwelling of Duels 10th Anniversary Retrospective Yarp.
  12. Or you could just ask me what you want me to bring down with me. A vehicle makes for a wondrous booze mule.
  13. I was sent a message about this. It looks a lot like the Nintendo DS remake so far, but I only gave it a quick glance. It didn't seem like Huelsbeck was making any new music for this, though. Am I wrong? (I know he's pretty wrapped up in the Turrican Anthology project so I don't see how he'd have time)
  14. It displeases me how Arcus Odyssey has not been mentioned yet amongst Sakuraba's works:
  15. SPOILERS!! Yeah, they were totally going for a cliffhanger at the end there and I was all "Man, next season is going to be interesting seeing where she goes with only having airbending now.", but then they kind of squashed that immediately by giving her Avatar State and getting everything back and eliminating the cliffhangers. I was confused as to what the purpose of even giving her only airbending towards the end there, if she'd get it all back 5 minutes later. So it's like...now what will they do? They could essentially end it here, but I know they have a 2nd season prepping. Pretty deep shit with Tarlok/Amon, though. And goddammit I wanna see more of Bumi now, he's gonna be just like Sokka!
  16. Naga says FUCK YOU! Mustache Guy got his balls rocked by a pint-sized airbender and a Polar Bear-Dog.
  17. I thought it was already said Zuko had a daughter?
  18. Well now you HAVE to explain your....explanation.
  19. Yakone is a bender. Amon isn't, supposedly. Plus, two different voice actors. My friend has a theory it's the non-bender son of Aang and Katara.
  20. Speculation on how Tarlok can Bloodbend, GO! Only 2 people knew the secrets to bloodbending as far as the show has shown us - Katara and Hama. Who's this guy that he knows not only how to bloodbend, but can do it without a full moon?
  21. Simmer down there, Chern O_o Lords of Shadow didn't impress me, and yes, for the reasons GT mentioned. The music especially discouraged me, because in my opinion, it was bland theatrical background noise that for the most part was not memorable at all and didn't stand out in the least. (except for a few, like "Belmont's Theme") I'm really hoping Arajou takes a few pages from the various Japanese composers of not only past CV games, but in general, to help make the music a bit more melodic and something that stands on its own. That being said, I am interested in the story of LoS2 and Mirror or Fate. Gabriel was just a tragic character, moreso than the original Dracula in my opinion, so I've kinda got a soft spot for him and the potential story. We'll see where it goes. I'm not optimistic, but I'm not completely shooting it down either. I just hope some stuff has changed.
  22. Well it has been slow at work lately....
  23. Sindra

    Diablo III

    Diablo 3 Collector's Edition....AKA: You Will Buy This and You Know It
  24. Don't worry. Luke was right there with you.
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