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OCR01091 - EarthBound "Funky Bookas"


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Excellent remix. The intro actually put me in mind of an ancient fisticuffs match (even though it is supposed to be a bazaar. The tune is catchy, and the piece flows well (I like the percussion at 2:39).

Also, it may be a little late, but...

Bad and did not truely getting away from "Dalamm." I can really hear it played mostly thru the whole "remix." Having an empty "Songs:" tells me that they did not want people to know which song they dressed up...

3/10 from ME

Excuse me?

I'm not sure exactly what you're saying, but if you're trying to say that this is a remix of the music in Dalaam, it isn't. I'm not sure how you could mistake it for that when the original is on this very site. In the .rsn file, it's Scaraba.spc and not Dalaam.spc. The official title is "Bazaar" though. You hear the song when in the town area of Scaraba.


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Kind of repeats too much at the end, along with having too little stuff going on at that time.

Other than that, at the 9 second mark it sounds so fucking pro it's not even funny. The main gist one can get out of this is great, though the ending kinda leaves it non-memorable. Kick it up for this one sticking on the hard drive, with basically 20% of all OCRs, of a random person you've never met (me)!

The guitar sound could end up being too grating on the ears, but the first half of the song is where it's at.

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