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Not laughed so hard at a game since...


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2 instances, both involving my friends from out of town. Both of these would probably be more funny if you were actually there, but I laughed my rear off both times.

1): Me and a friend were watching my other friend play Mercs 2. He was basically wandering aimlessly, except he was trying to get fuel. I kept chiding him that he was gonna die. And, I swear, he'd get so close every single time, but he'd somehow hide (with 1 thing of health) and let it regenerate every single time. That, plus this one time where he got blasted off of his motorcycle and crammed his face down the highway was just crazy hilarious!

2): Same situation, but this time he's playing Fallout 3. He's wandering outside of Andale, when suddenly we spot Shrapnel. Yes, the guy who's supposed to running a gun shop in Rivet City, and never ever leaves the place. Well, he somehow glitched outta there, and was basically wandering the wasteland without a single purpose. My friend was still able to buy guns from him, and Shrapnel still wanted to get a drink on "this boat." But that wasn't the funniest part. The best thing about the situation, is that my friend could shoot, blast and blow the crap outta Shrapnel time and time again, and he'd just suffer from temporary unconciousness. In no time at all, he'd gotten sniped, Blackhawk'ed, grenaded, burned and MIRV'ed to death...but he'd just keep getting up and muttering stupid crap like "What's your beef?" XD It was freaking priceless! Once, he was lit on fire, and he crouched and walked in a circle. My sides hurt for a long time after that!!!

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I'd also like to add any of Tim Schafer's adventure titles. All of them are far more hilarious than anything I've recently played in recent times.

Although I do remember playing South Park for the N64 and finding the idea of throwing "yellow snow balls" completely hysterical in my tweens.

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