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FF9 Trance de Chocobo


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Assuming the chocobo theme hasn't drastically changed since FF4, I'd say that it's conservative. The second iteration was boring because it was exactly the same as the first (I only listened once; if there was a very subtle difference I didn't pick up on it). Aside from a short intro and an interesting interim, it included the source's melody verbatim (or fairly verbatim).

You have stuff in the background set to loop with minimal variation, it seems. I'm not sure if it's because of instrumentation or what you have looping, but it becomes a bit annoying after a while.

It could stand to be more interesting and less repetitive imo. Try building up and building down, bring in more instruments gradually, take some away. Add some sections. Arpeggios, maybe. It needs more writing in general I think.. but it is rather short, and a WIP, so you still have room to do more.

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Not bad; but lets put some ideas in your head.

I agree with some of what SoulinEther said.

Drums: Diversify the drums, even if it is a 4 beat loop you can still chop and edit the regions to make it... well, more dynamic.

Synths: Arps on the tonic. Sweeps/Swells on the tonic. Basically some other synth layer needs adding to the song.

Melody: I know this melody all to well (played FF9 way more than I should've). One recommendation I could make on it is to stutter the melody. Instead of one note being played each time to make the next note in the melody, hit each one twice; so instead of half notes play quater notes, instead of quater notes play 8ths, etc.

Handle some of those edits and give us an update!

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The backing was pretty interesting, nice work on that. Some cool effects in there, and I really like that far left-panned thing in the backing. Dunno if you made it yourself or used some preset or loop, but it fits well. You're getting ears for sound design. :)

The progression, however, is the same as the song's many source iterations throughout the games, and with the melody so conservative (and not much you can do about that without making it feel forced) you really need to write your own progression. With progression, I mean how the songs moves from one part to another, the order of parts, what part is tied to what part of the source, jne...

This is an improvement over previous wips posted here. Learn to write your own progressions and you'll be making some great remixes soon.

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It's the half time chocobo theme over real time instrument breaks right now. I like the idea, but you'll need a build up to get here. The back up sounds are going to end up boring with the very standard chocobo theme in the foreground. I like your '3' '2' '1' countdown break; I think you should expand the introduction and build to the 321, then introduce some of the off the wall sounds that I'm hearing to really make the soundscape uinique.

If you're doing the standard chocobo theme, you've really got to do something to liven it up; Just playing a background beat over it doesn't work too well. The nice thing about this is that other people use it pretty heavily; You can see what they did to really make it work. Good artists borrow, GREAT artists steal.

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