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I dislike the lyrics... I'm not a lyric guy at all, and I don't see them working in this song the way they are being used now. Or at all. =w= Harsh, but I take no guilt in admitting that. v-v I can't really think of a way to improve the song, considering it's still in development, and you said you know where it's going. So I just input my piece.

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0:25 too abrupt change. Overall, feels a little lacking in the source department until the lyrics come in. Cheesy _and_ vocoded lyrics... Is that double cheesy or do they cancel each other out?

This is a pretty cool idea, nice sound. Not a lot of complaints from me, other than that I'm worried you'll run into some problems fitting lyrics to the melody and making it make sense. Emphasis on the wrong syllable can easily screw up a whole song, as can awkward wording, forced melody, and a number of other things. Don't be afraid to deviate from source. We're not doing remakes on ocr. That also applies to your chord concerns. :D

Just make sure you have enough source in there, somewhere. :D

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