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Kingdom Hearts: Dearly Hikari (ReMix)

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Okay, it sounds good, and I am impressed that you added a beat to Dearly Beloved.

Only problem I have is the very long opening...beach sounds, waves crashing is nice, but not for nearly a minute. ._. I want music nao kthx. Wow, that hurt to write...

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I agree that it does sound good; same with the beat to Hikari and such.

What I don't think the judges will like too much is that all you've really done to the source material is slapped on a drum beat. It sounds great, really, but the judges will count that as too conservative, most likely.

Just saying, find some way to vary it, to change the arrangement and make it your own. Keep at it, man. :-P

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Yay! KH mix <3 I like the beats, and the beach waves in there. But I find I'm having 3 small problems:

1) I like the intro and I don't have a problem with the length. However, when it gets into dearly beloved, I find that section is just too long and a bit too repetitive. I find the same thing after the hikari bit too.

2) I like what you did with the backround beats and sounds, very nice. But, (and I might be wrong here)I'm not hearing enough original tunes here. It's seems as though you stayed pretty close to the source throughout the whole piece. Dunno, just would like to hear more expansion that's all :)

3) (this is a very teenie quawm) When you switch over to the hikari portion of the song it just doesn't seem as though it's as smooth as it could be. Personally, I would love to hear or of a duet of the two songs. But that's just my opinion.

Sorry, I don't mean to down or anything and I hope I make sense. I do like the piece and the rhythms/ambiance you made. When you submit it I wish you the best of luck :)

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thanks for the feedback everyone.

i've noticed that the biggest quip i get is repetitiveness...but i do the long repetitive intros and outtros because i'm a DJ, and every song i write i use at my shows. i love the beginning of this one because the waves are obviously symbolic to the island, and anyone who is a REAL fan of the song will realize the piano bassline as it comes in before the main piano theme comes in. i like to put this to the test when i play anime conventions, i always get a huge screaming crowd when the main theme comes in.

the duet is a great idea, however, hikari and dearly beloved are in different keys (although both minor scales), so i'll have to rearrange a good portion of the melodies to do this. it'll probably be a lot easier to do than it sounds, actually.

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I'm always excited to see new KH mixes, it is my favorite game series after all.

This sounds really good, but I also agree with what everyone else has said. It sounds too much like the source with just a beat added over the top of it. It definitely needs more variety.

I also agree that the switch between dearly beloved and hikari could be better. I dunno, to me it sounded like two mixes that were made separately and then just combined to create one long mix.

I have no problem with the repetitiveness of it all, but I'm also a fan of techno/trance/dance/d&b/etc etc so I'm used to it. I can definitely see it being used by a DJ for some kind of gathering for a crowd, but that's also because it doesn't vary much from the source, which is typically how club mixes are.

Like everyone else, I'm not trying to bash on the song, it sounds good so far. I don't think it should be submitted as-is though. I like the duet idea too. I personally feel that would be a better route to take with the mix.

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