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Need some help here


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I am looking at two different watches. Same company makes them (loved the first one i bought but now i am looking for something nicer but still practical.

http://www.gametimeshop.com/AMAZING/items.asp?Cc=NFL-PHI-MVP&iTpStatus=0&Tp=&Bc= That's the first one


That's the second one. Both are affordable and both are very nice. Please do not factor in price. I am about to attend college so allow that to factor in. Which one should i buy?

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Depends, dude. What kind of outfits do you normally wear? Businesswear? Business casual? Casual? Sweats?

Doesn't matter.

Dude, go with the black one. The other one is looking very very generic. Trust me, I've purchased a lot of watches and looked at expensive ones tons. The fact that it costs less is an added bonus. Inside it's the exact same watch. I'll even wager that it's more comfortable.

The black one.

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as long as it's a metal band, go with the black. The other watch is more if you're into wearing business attire all the time (like if you're a debate student or something)

I kinda want another watch nowadays myself...stopped wearing em.

Thanks for the info guys its nice to see a decisive answer.

And Bahamut they do offer a 1500 dollar package but i am never one who invests that kind of money in watches. I was leaning black before but now i know its the right choice. :) Also i almost forgot i am just going to be a basic college student. Nothing super fancy though i can wear a suit on occasion.

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