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  1. Ok, this is totally NOT what the thread title made me thought it was going to be... I thought it was going to be an artist's rendering of Mario's planned proposal to Princess Peach. Anyway, I can't speak for the rest of the community - or even for the remixers, since I fail at life and can't remix - but this sounds awesome.
  2. Mine also appears like this. Actually, if anything, I think we should get some more smilies. The ones we have are great, but another dozen or so would also rock. And I'm pretty sure smilies take up barely any memory. I could be wrong, though - it's been years since I last worked as an admin for a forum.
  3. Naw, lol. It's the job of an artist to evoke some sort of emotion from their audience. I might pick up a copy too, btw, if I can get around to getting off my lazy ass.
  4. Sweet. I'll do it either tomorrow or Friday then, when I'm not stuck on dial-up.
  5. Consider it done. Although, out of curiosity, when's the voting deadline?
  6. This is true. Although, that's one of the wonderful things about a movie/video game soundtrack - if it's done properly, it can expose the general population to a genre - even something like a niche genre - in such a way that they won't even notice until later that they're listening to it and loving it. But it's just gotta make sense with the movie/video game. Don't get me started.
  7. ^ I lol'd at this. Anyway. Happy birthday!
  8. Well, that's the major problem that I've had with the game idea in my head - I haven't quite decided how I'd want the control system executed. Right now, I'm thinking something like a Real-Time version of the control system used in Vagrant Story, that's rhythm and movement based. I'd even considered throwing in some sort of DDR platform to help control the movements of the character in battle - allowing you to dodge, jump, duck, spin, etc. with your feet.
  9. Lol, don't worry about it, dude - I'm sure one of our fine moderators will be along in a few hours to move the thread to the proper location. No big deal. EDIT: Haha, well, looks like I overestimated - it was more like 20 minutes.
  10. Well, this isn't exactly the proper place to be doing this... but, what the hell. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Actually, I've had a video game idea for quite some time that might work - basically, a game revolving around the concept of a Blade Dancer. Someone lithe and supple who fights with a blade as if they were dancing with it, slicing and dicing apart any opponent with a multitude of quick strikes - contrary to the popular overmuscled fighter who kills with a handful of powerful blows. It builds on the concept that all dance stems from five main sources: mating rituals, religious rituals, agricultural rituals, theater/performing arts, and martial arts. Now, true, it wouldn't be a fully trance-themed ST, because at least a few areas ingame would be old-fashioned and would therefore need more old-fashioned music. But I could see the majority of it easily being done in trance. EDIT: That's just one example of a game I could think of that could work with mostly trance. But I'm sure there are others you can think of.
  12. Final Hero

    District 9

    Probably the crap movies that make up 75% of what's showing in theaters these days. Anyway, my two cents: Amazing movie, totally worth the $7.50 I paid to get in.
  13. I've got to step in right here and say this. The album name? The most freaking clever thing I've seen in a long time.
  14. I normally hate outright any VG music/remix that has vocals in it. This piece is definitely an exception. It does an excellent job of creating a moody, ominous tone that warns of what will follow; and the lyrics aren't cheesy or annoying (normally the two qualms I have with most lyrical VG music), and just as importantly, understandable. Plus, the vocals and instrumentals do a perfect job of complementing each other, rather than trying to stand apart. Good work. You two should collab more often.
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