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Seeing as OCR is all about mixing and remixing, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some mashups to look into. I got into them when Norwegian Recycling released his Donkey Business album. I recently put him back onto my phone and have been listening to his tracks a lot in the car lately. I've been looking around but haven't come across anything that grabs my interest, or is just plain bad... lol.

I'm not into rap/hip hop at all. Sadly, that seems to be a large chunk of mash ups. Anyone have an artist they can suggest? Or some Albums I should look into?

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couple of my favorites:

DJ Lobsterdust

DJ Maxentropy

you can google either one of them, they're awesome.

--My favorite right now is a Maxentropy mash of Buck Cherry and The Prodigy, entitled "Crazy Girls".

Also, if you're not into the whole brevity "thing", then look up "Intro Inspection" by Osymyso. lengthy, but lots of fun.

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Hi! I just dropped by momentarily cause of the unexpected mini-KoLCon-OCR-meet. But then I had to see if anyone mentioned me while I was gone, and hey, sure enough... pretty cool that someone mentioned me, but if you haven't totally forgotten about this thread, I was That Guy Who Always Annoyed Everyone By Talking About Mashups, back before I mostly left this corner of the internet.

Anyway, a totally arbitrary datadump of mashup artists I consider "extremely good", in alphabetical order (some still actively making music, some not so much - and many other talented artists left off the list arbitrarily, or it'd be huge):

10000 Spoons



Alex C

Alex H

Bobby Martini


Divide & Kreate

DJ Earworm (top 3!)

DJ John Mash

DJ Schmolli

DJ Tripp

Go Home Productions (top 3! Seriously, this guy pretty much defines the term "professional-sounding". He said he stopped making mashups a couple years ago - don't believe him. Sign up for his email list, and he'll send out sekrit mashups every so often ;).)


Norwegian Recycling (top 3! But you already know that)

Party Ben (top 3... err... 4! Mostly for his collab with team9 on American Edit, by far my favorite mashup album, and I don't even like Green Day that much)


Voicedude (top... 5? Looks like. Voicedude is awesome. And I met him once, too!)

And yes, there's way more rap than anything else - that's cause rap is a. easier to mash than anything else, and b. waaaaay easier to find pellas for.

Given that this thread is a month old, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd already either figured this out yourself or given it up, but: the best way to find mashup artists you like is to just start with one, see who he mentions as friends/influences on his site, recurse - that's how I got my first... several gigs. The other way is to just start watching GYBO, but you get a lot of crap mixed in with the good stuff that way.

Hopefully I haven't annoyed anyone by bumping this thread - I just saw it not get a good answer, and with my name in it no less, and I used to be the guy answering threads like this!

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