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The OneUps in Arizona, September 19 2009


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The OneUps

Saturday September 19 2009 at KoL Con 6 (1940 E Main Street) in Mesa, Arizona

WITH MC Frontalot & Yellow Minute

$10 (free with con registration)

Concert starts at 22:00

It's KoL Con 6! (The Kingdom of Loathing) We're excited to be performing for the Con, and with our friend MC Frontalot again! First time to Arizona - Minibosses territory! (unfortunately the Minibosses couldn't do the show because Ben broke his elbow - was looking forward to another stage-sharing reunion)

Come check it out 'cause it's going to be a lot of up-close-and-personal fun!

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awww, I've been dying to see The One Ups but I'm only 20. Could you come back to Arizona (Preferably Phoenix) after May 29th next year?

Apparently the concert is actually for people 21 and under, as well, so you should be in the clear :-) It's the convention that the concert's a part of that requires you to be over 21.

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