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NSF, SPC, etc, on ipod touch

The Biznut

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Sorry for the necro-bump but I had to let you know:

There IS an app for playing chiptunes on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, and that plays about 400 (!) different formats, including GBS, NSF, SPC and many more. It even has direct access to Modland and HVSC databases to allow downloads from there. Also, you can browse the web (this site, for example), download compatible chiptunes here and play them!

As an added bonus, there's an in-built FTP server, so you can upload your local collection and directory tree up to your iDevice...

That app is called Modizer, here in Germany it costs 0,79 €, should be about 99 cents for americans.

Hope this helps anybody out there...

Cheers, NinjaN

;_; these are tears of joy, my friend. I can not thank you enough for pointing this out, as my Rockbox'd MP3 player (a Gigabeat F40) died on Monday. I was about to purchase a Sansa Fuze to replace it, BUT if I can have it on my iPhone then I have no need for a new device! DOWNLOADING IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

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