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OCR01965 - *YES* Tales of Phantasia 'as time goes on (you are love to me)'

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* The Prophet of Mephisto

* Bradley Burr

Submission Information

* Tales of Phantasia, As Time Goes On (original tune)

* new title is: as time goes on (same formatting)

* no additional info needed for the site.

* you've got the original through the site and through zophar's


* notes: i originally started this mix by taking the arpeggiated

background synth and the melody (in the strings) and seeing

what i could create out of them. i knew i wanted to do

something with vocals, and i knew i wanted it to be more in

the laid-back instrumental vibe i've been writing in lately.

so i booted up my funk machine (also known as virtual bassist)

and started writing. after i had the drums and bass laid down,

the rest of the track came together pretty quick. i tried to

not change the melody at all - something i prefer to do with

all my remixes - and instead tried to fit my words to the

music already written. it was a really different experience

composing with vocals, since you have to worry about stuff

like text stress, vowel placements, etc. i recorded this in my

dorm room (which is why it sounds so hollow) right before the

deadline, so there's some vocal irregularities that wouldn't

normally be there (i was a little sick at that point). i'd fix

them, but i've grown attached to the sounds i made before, and

am loathe to take them out. the sax solos were done on tenor,

alto, and soprano saxophones. it should be obvious which is

which. the lyrics were specifically written to be what some

people call 'crossover' lyrics - meaning that they can have

both a spiritual meaning as well as a general, non-religious

one as well. you'll note that i tried to fit phrases from the

game into the lyrics, the most notable being 'as time goes

on'. someone complained that my name for the track was

unoriginal, but i honestly couldn't see myself calling it

anything else. that phrase really fit the entire piece, in my

mind. again, i am loathe to change it. also, no anal rape

references! i'm one foot in the door already. or one foot out,

depending on how you view it.

* i used virtual bassist, virtual guitarist, addictive drums,

guitar rig 3 for both the guitars and my voice, ueberschall's

elastik and liquid instruments vsts, and NI's B4 II. great

organ, that is. fantastic. i also used some of FL's vsts,

notably the Love Philter for the guitar gate. i recorded in

audacity and mastered in FL 7 or 8, can't remember which i had

at the time. i used melodyne to make my voice sound like i

wasn't a dying cat (at that point, i was hoarse enough to

sound like one, too).

* lyrics:

as i wait in the moonlight

my thoughts tumble without sense

i long for you in the twilight

i need your touch, i need your presence

oh, where are you

when I need you, more and more, every

day, as time goes on

you are love to me

why hast thou forsaken me

i love you with all my will

my heart cries out to be

with you all of my days

oh, where are you

when I need you, more and more, every

day, as time goes on

you are love to me

enjoy! feel free to leave the website up in the rejection thread.


----------------------------------------------------------------- - "As Time Goes On" (top-205.spc)

C'mon Brad, no original title? Don't make us call this one "Brad Is Dumb" or something. :tomatoface:

I could see people calling this one conservative since the vocal follows the melody for most of the song, but the constant flourishes on the sax and the inspired jazz + oscillating guitar backing track gives this a very different feel. I thought there was enough change there that this stands apart, and the original bookends are nice too. Great, unique sound on this one.


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Starts out really well produced, though the sax is a bit close sounding, but once the vocals come in, they are almost indecipherable because of a lot of clashing effects added. I'm not sure on the reasoning there, but combining pretty dry sax with vocal mush doesn't really sound good, especially when they vocals are supposed to take center stage.

Mixing is pretty solid, though it gets cluttered in some parts, and some of that organ gets a bit dissonant in parts.

The arrangement is cool, there is a lot of added goodness, and though some of the sax solo note choices seem strange to me, i'm always down with adding some unexpected color, and they all resolve fine.

Sorry bro, but I know you can do better. You've got the skills to really rock this one out, so let's hear it. <3

no, please resub

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Disparity between the sax and the vocals really hurts this mix. I'm not a big fan of how the vocals sit in the mix; I appreciate the effect, but I think that when it gets combined with the relatively dry sax, the entire thing ends up sounding a little weird. The vocals get lost in the soundscape too, and everything sort of gets squished together later on. :\

Great arrangement, but I think it needs some work on the mixing end. NO, but please resub.

Also, as per the Submissions Standards and Instructions, Section 1, Article 3:

Submissions must have an original title. Do not name your submission after the source track, the game title, or yourself.

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I see no reason to not pass this on the condition that the vocals are brought out just a little bit. I think granted the style and FX, they don't necessarily need to be a TON louder or anything, but maybe even if Brad just pulls back the gated guitar just a little bit. Because once he drops it at 1:53 the vocals seem at a nice level.

Very cool mix, pretty smooth. Good jorb on the singing, even if you had to use some AutoToon. There were some minor conflicts here and there where you were playing major chords under a minor melody (or the other way around) but they're not so standout that it spoiled the whole track.

YES(conditional re: slight tweak on the vocal mix)

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i uploaded a slightly revised version at this link. i didn't change a huge amount - mostly just doubled the lead vocals with some drier stuff to bring out some clarity. i also made the sax a little bit more wet and brought down the gated guitars.

is this enough? i confess that i know little about how to clean up my recording. the issue is less that the mastering is crappy as it is that the recording was done in a small dorm room with a crappy mike and no pop filter while i was one take. you can hear my voice crackling quite a bit now that it's drier, but i like the realism and organic feel it adds.

i'd appreciate it if, in the almost definite occasion i didn't fix everything, someone could get in contact with me, aim or otherwise. my cell is 976-proph - if you or andy or someone had the time to go over this with me, i'll call you whenever you're free.


K, I guess I'm cool with the vox level on the newer version. I'm gonna go ahead and say YES.

OA and DS, if y'all could hit up his v2 and throw down a YAY or NAY, that'd be awesome.

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I still think the vocals are a bit over-processed, but this is way nicer.

Things sit a lot more evenly and the emphasis is where it should be.

Thanks for taking a second look, Brad. You da best mayne.


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