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OCR01902 - Kirby: Canvas Curse "I Want You Inside Me"


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This has got to be one of my favourite ReMixes here. On so many levels, this is Kirby - it's chipper (and chippy), upbeat...it really makes me smile to hear it. The use of Kirby's inhalation noise really makes the beginning, too. I can't really think of anything to complain about - to my mind, it's as close to perfect an audio capturing of Kirby you can possibly create.

Many thanks for this wonderful tune!

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By George, halcgoo, you've done it again!

This is another head-bobbingly enjoyable remix from halc. But a simple descriptor of 'fun' wouldn't do this one justice, as the breakdown at 1:30 is highly emotive. In fact, the majority of this remix balances the lighthearted with the profound... and does so successfully. The conflict, sorrow, or contemplativeness that is incorporated is meshed perfectly with the more airy aspects. As to the lattermost, 2:41 was the capper of smilingness.

As always, the layering of and creativity in instrumentation of halc's remixes shine. As has been said, the strings were magnificent. Chiptunes, though at the front, are simply a part of the concert.


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The intro reminds me so much of Tetris; I can almost see Tetris bricks as a watermark behind a screenshot of Kirby: Canvas Curse. I like how there's basically two halves to this mix, a chiptuneish layer and its nonchiptune counterpart running parallel, with the melody caught somewhere in between; it makes this mix feel very braided together. Aurally, there's a lot going on here; the melody is distinct and weaving it in and out of its counterparts makes it fun to listen to.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01902 - Kirby: Canvas Curse "I Want You Inside Me"

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