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OCR01137 - Extreme-G "G-Storm"


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Really could have benefited from a building intro. I know that the original version of this mix had a more substantial intro, and I also realise that there is a stylistic advantage to just rocketing straight into the hard stuff (ala a high-speed jet-bike race), but ultimately my brain gets overwhelmed in the early confusion.

Once I get recover from my discombobulated stupor however.... there's some broad, inoffensive trance here that does everything you'd expect and not a thing more. It sounds great, and I don't think it overstays its welcome at all. it's trance. It does what trance does. And does it very adequately.

This is quite a straightfoward piece from Blind; very technically focused and I'm guessing a lot more suited to people that know and understand the ins-and-outs of electronic musical production. For me though, its lack of hooks make this just a slick, harder-than-average trance mix. Still, kudos for the skill involved (and representing the N64).

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