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*N/A* Final Fantasy 7 'Esper Mako Crystal'


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Hey Hey I know its been a while since my last submission, but here it is. Now DarkCecil13 said i should submit the 128kbps version, so thats what im doing. The deal is, the song is 12:22 and 11 megs. I made a 10 meg ver by putting it to 112kbps. But anyway listen for yourself. you might like it!!!

Its called EsperMakoCrystal Megamix

Star Salzman

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yay. that was pretty. it even managed to keep my attention the whole


weird instrumentation though. the whole technothrobby bass with

strings didnt feel like a natural integration (eg Batman Beyond Movie

Soundtrack which owns your ass and rents it out). More like someone

put some chocolate syrup on their jello. Both are good individually,

but dont mix them. :(

But seriously.. isn't this a /tad/ too big for the site?

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I imagine DJP is willing to post this if it gets a yes. I really like it. I don't like how long it is, but it is well put together. I give it a yes because of that, but there really is no reason for it to be 12 minutes long. Sometimes you just gotta know when to end the damn thing.

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ReMixes should be no larger than 6 megabytes.

I'm really sorry to say this, but this mix is a clear violation of the submission guidelines. Shame, too, cause i's obvious the artist spent a lot of time on this one, and came up with one hell of a mix. The only thing I think needs work here are the at times jarring transitions. But other than that, a very high quality mix. It's a shame that the artist didn't realize it couldn't get posted here.

My vote is no, simply because OC cannot handle a file that's almost twice as big as the supposed upper limit. I would suggest either submitting this to VGMix.com, since I think it would fit under there, or submit individual sections as separate submissions, since I think any song remixed here is good enough to stand on its own.

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12 minutes!??

Okay, I'm going to sit here and listen to the whole thing.

Not loving the sample used right at the outset, but it's still cool.

Hmm, this is actually really good, sounds nice and.. full? Not empty like a bunch of the ones we get here.

Ah, very nice when the drum/beat kicks in.

The flute(?) part is cool. I'm a big fan of that effect, when all the instruments cut out and just one thing plays.

Anyways, I just caught the tune this is based on. I didn't really expect to hear it considering it's a FF6 mix (I think)*, and I barely played FF6.

Well, here we are at the 2:50 mark. Sounds like the song might be changing.

Mmmm, I love that plucked string sound.

Wow, bam, it just like wow neat.

Uh, ignore that line unless you understand gibberish.

*just listens and enjoys for a while*

(Before and around 5:00) Oooh, sweeping strings and piano. Could it get any better?

Ah, looks like the drums say, "Yes, it can."


Sweet, it sped right up there (6:20). Dudeness, I'm really liking this part.

*hums along with it*

Aww it stopped (~7:00). Hmm, nice and mellow sound. Finding it hard to get into after that fast stuff, but still very nice and sweet sounding.

(8:32) *tapping foot to beat* This is all cool sounding too.

Wow, I only wish I knew music terminology better, saying, "this part sounds cool" is starting to get old. But it's all I can say!

Ah! Perfect! Just as I was thinking, "Time to give it a change." it switched over to another theme (~10:00). What is this? The opera tune I think?

Ahh, techno-ey goodness again, very nice, very nice.

Hmm, almost over, and here I thought this would be a chore. Listening to this mix has been of an utmost pleasure (did I use utmost properly?), submission guidelines aside, this is a definite Yes in my book. And even not aside, I'm afraid I just can't say no. I love it.

I can't wait to hear more from this person.

Note: Maybe we should have a listen to his 112kbps version. If it's a meg smaller that's better than nothing.

Note 2: Although cutting it into separate mixes like Orky said would be able to get it through the submission guidelines, I personally think it would be a shame to have to cut up a mix as good as this.

* Edit: I'm an idiot, it's a FF7 mix I didn't even notice the topic.

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Dammit, dammit, sonofabitch.

How in the hell can I email this guy and say,

"Hey Star Salzman! We loved your FFVII mix. EVERY SINGLE JUDGE wanted to post it! Unfortunately, despite the utter sexiness of this 12 minute long opus, we can't post it cuz we gotta conserve bandwith for mixes a lot crappier than this. You know, shit like _______________________. (<<<insert least favorite mix here)

Inanycase, you have unbelievable talent, which is why we'd rather you submit this truly excellent, orgasmic mix to a generic commie vg arrangement site, instead of here on OverClocked where it belongs. Piece Owt, Lou Zer! We got more techno versions of The Prelude to approve!

-Antonio Friggin' Pizza & the rest of the Flipmode Squad"

I kid. I'll do it right. I'd love for this to be posted, but unfortunately it is a submissions violation. Chopped up? :? I don't know. *holds his complete version at 128kbps oh-so-tightly*

It pains me to do so, but I gotta vote no. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

If you'll exuse me, I need to go lose myself in a bowl of cereal :cry::cry:

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Well see, I submitted a song a while ago... I think it was called "Blue Lightning" or something like that, but anyway, it was 8:40 and I toned it down to 96 kbps so people could at least get the idea of what it was supposed to sound like. Now ideally DJP was supposed to post a link to a higher bitrate version (which I supplied) so people could get that instead if they didn't want the smaller version. So I think he can do the same. CotMM had to lower the bitrate on his epic CT ambient piece. I'm really not all about exceptions because somewhere along the line someone else is gonna be like "How come HE got to break the rules?" So I'm gonna have to say no for consistency. Lower the bitrate, cut a shorter version, and post a link to the full or higher-bitrate version. Use the main page as a sort of ad for the other version. That's my take.

So "no" in its current form.


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