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I might have put this in the community spot, but;

I would like any quick and helpfull feedback if anyone knows any great games like

*Vagrant Story

*SaGa Frontier (the first)

*Ys. 3

*Kudos 2 (unpopular PC game)

*Shadowrun (snes)

*Fallout 2 or BOS

*Terranigma (pretty simple, though...)

Want I really want is to find a singleplayer game prolly action rpg, that is just as in depth as you can get.

Action and stealth and a bunch of useless sub systems, that are fun to invest your time in. Like an

unbeatable game, where you can never really achieve everything, or at least without thousands of man-hours.

I dun want to play anything anymore where you max out at whichever level, have all the skills your ever gonna

get, and maybe has an optional boss that drops a sword. I want complication.

I dun know how else to describe this perfect game that doesn't exist. I would prolly play World of Warcraft, if I

had the means. Thats pretty much endless. Stroy doesn't matter to me anymore, I just want options and lots

of working in-game systems. That's why I've been investigating those old ACSII text rpg dos games. That's all

they had back then; no real graphics, but endless depth. I want the most in depth game that I can find...

Thank you. I'de appreciate some input, if your time is available.

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I second Iji. The game is set up so that you can't do everything in one game. Different paths require different skill levels, strengths, etc., so it makes the game have a lot of replay value because each time you can focus on a different stat to get to new areas.

And since it's free there's no risk involved. :)

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For great action RPGs look no further than Enix during the Super NES days.

You already listed Terranigma. But the spiritual predecessors to it are all Enix games that are very loosely related to one another.

Soul Blazer

Highly addictive. Graphics take a backseat to level design and combat (which is a good thing)

Illusion of Gaia

Not much in the way of depth, but an excellently executed action RPG with beautiful graphics and great story.

ActRaiser 1 + 2

More of an action game than an RPG but it features some Sim City type gameplay as well.

Square also did a few action RPGs back in the SNES days called Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana.

As for newer titles, well there's old standbys:

TES III: Morrowind

TES IV: Oblivion

Fallout 3

(All 3 of the above have Game of the Year Editions with tons of extra content from the DLC added)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1+ 2

Mass Effect

(Basically anything from BioWare or Bethesda)

and I really enjoyed Borderlands. definitely doesn't lack any depth (literally millions of guns) and you can customize your character pretty far beyond the four basic classes to choose from.

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Threads about video games belong in Community, not Off-Topic.

Thanks folks, and thanks for the redirect.

Cerrax- I'm pretty in tune with all the old SNES greats. I almost beat evermore, a couple years ago... I play

'Legend of Mana' every once in awhile. I also have Morrowind, but my ol' laptop pisses me off. I have to set

the sight depth all the way down to not have much lag, and then I can't hardly see in front of me. It's pretty

cool, though.

Iji fans thanks, but I've been there already. I think I'm as far as sector 7? I invested mostly in Taisen weapons

and crack/kick. I think i've modded most of the weapon alts; I played my game just blasting through. Maybe

I'll try the stealth method, if I ever get back and finish my first game.

Any other rare masterpieces, anyone? I'll look into Borderlands; I hope it's not massive and demanding on my

lil compaq.

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