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  1. Hey thanks so much for the link. Really appreciate it.

  2. I feel that the brass is a little bit too loud/rumbly also. Music sounds nice although there isn't too much to comment on. Looking forward to what happens next.
  3. This is a great mix. I really like your style; you do solos really well. There's a lot going on in this song and it all fits and gives the tune nice rhythm. I still like your other Zelda mixes better but this one rocks too. Please continue to output the quality of music you have already attained.
  4. Hey Rhythmroo.

    In this post you posted your desktop. Do you happen to have a link for where you got that wallpaper? It's really cool (I'm a big fan of Zelda) and I would like it for mine. :)


  5. This is absolutely awesome. I love how all the melody and harmony manages to merge together into one string of polyphony that is the astral observatory from the under-appreciated Majora's Mask. Please finish this!
  6. Love this remix. First ocremix my siblings put on their ipods/mp3 players.
  7. Absolutely love this mix chthonic. I wish I could remix Zelda like you can.
  8. I like what I hear so far. This is one of those songs that's not a huge great listen all by itself, but it can easily be great background music for something like a game. I like the swingy, laidback mood, along with the combination of the two themes. The piano part at the end sounds like a good start to some improv stuff; would add a nice element of variety, especially the fast part near the end.
  9. I second Iji. The game is set up so that you can't do everything in one game. Different paths require different skill levels, strengths, etc., so it makes the game have a lot of replay value because each time you can focus on a different stat to get to new areas. And since it's free there's no risk involved.
  10. The next remix I do will probably be of either Geothermal or Mimiga Town. Won't be starting it for a while though...finals week. That's not to say that it'll be anything spectacular, but those are my plans.
  11. I don't really ever cry when playing video games, however I did come close in Majora's Mask. Man...Darmani, Mikau, and Pamela. All three of them, when you play the Song of Healing, and they just...those moments nearly made me cry. Almost. Also, Wind Waker almost had me near the ending, where Ganondorf talks about how he was jealous for the prosperous Hylians. Makes you almost pity him. Also where Medli leaves and Prince Komali...is less than excited. Lots of Link + Saria moments in OoT. As you can probably tell I mostly play Zelda games.
  12. Hmm....I love Cave Story, but I honestly think this needs to sound a lot better. While the notes itself are a decent take on the original, the sound is very processed. (I lack the technical terms so I'm describing as best I can) Also, each note seems to last as long as it should (as in, programmed), then end abruptly. Maybe add some sort of reverb? Also vary the tempo a bit to make it sound less bland. Good luck on the remix! Now you have me wanting to remix On to Grasstown
  13. Yeah, I was concerned that the beginning and ending piano might be overdoing it; I do like the ending though so I'll just eliminate the beginning and make some other intro. Then I'll touch it up a bit (right now the middle sounds a little odd) and go from there. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Hey guys. I recently made a remix of the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask. I'm still new to remixing music and this is my first post here; but of course constructive criticism is always welcome. Redemption General Info Appr. Size: 5.4 MB Length: 4:32 Brief Description: The Song of Healing is probably my favorite song from Majora's Mask, so I decided to remix the theme and make it a little more upbeat. It basically follows: one run-through of piano, upbeat verse, little spin, chorus (slowed down a tad), then piano ending.
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