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  1. FF7 HD .... Just has to be patched to heck I know ya'll may have seen this before, but a forum search didn't turn up any hits... and it's sweet. I'm in the middle of downloading the torrent with all the mods... who said you can't have a HD FF7 remake? And... and... you can turn the option to use the OCR FF7 album on... Epic.
  2. This game is so much fun, and so much win. And it's on the iPad now too... I can play at 3am in bed while my wife sleeps...
  3. Don't know if anyone else is playing this, but it's a ton of fun. Good tunes, too - some are quite catchy. It's a Japansese "rpg" (read: you choose your team, you attack mobs on "quests"...) If you want to add me to your friend list in game, my ID# is 6504931. You get exp-aquiring units for the first 10 referrals. I have 9 left If you haven't tried it, try it! Yes, you can buy "gems" but you get lots of freebies in-game too. Gems are strictly optional. (Even though I've spent a few dollars on them... ) I rate it 8/10, 10/10 for addictiveness. It's like... Pokemon lite mixed with a basic mobile RPG...
  4. For anyone who remembers the Forum Mafia from a few years ago, or has ever played the SC2 arcade map Mafia, here's the kickstarter for you: Town of Salem: A Mafia Kickstarter
  5. The Tyrian score was amazing. Looking forward to this. (just have to clear it with my wife)
  6. Are we going to get a server rolling for this? I'd love an OCR-official place to play.
  7. This is what bugged me about it too... I hope that it gets explained somehow.
  8. I'm a tennant fan. Matt smith has been ok but I'm hoping Capaldi dosen't mess things up too badly. The special was cool. Not even going to post anything for fear of spoilers. But I liked how there was a definitive duality/trinity to things.
  9. You've been inundated with it everywhere else, if you haven't already heard, 11/23/13 is Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. I think we need a tardis or doctor emoticon in the next forum build. Otherwise, who else is watching the special simulcast globally at 7:50pm GMT? (2:50 EST, 1:50 CST, 11:50 PST)
  10. JadeAuto


    Just got home from seeing it. Amazing. Suspenseful, and well done. Anyone else seen it yet?
  11. JadeAuto


    Me and my brother and law wouldn't mind joining you. I itch to play on a multiplayer server.
  12. This I completely agree with. Some of my fondest memories of EQ1 were because of the exploration/wonder factor, and not knowing exactly what you would find beyond the next bend. No in game maps. Difficulty was there (death's exp penalty, items dying on your corpse). I'm not saying it was perfect, but it had some qualities that made it memorable. I for one would love to have an MMO that has a completely non-violent progression path. Usually Crafting seems to be the only thing brought up but I wish there was an alternate to that that allowed for progression in a similar sense to the "killing" path that most MMO's take. Think about it, is there an MMO out there that dosen't have killing on a massive scale? ... (maybe Eve Online? i'm not familiar with it)
  13. So did anyone else watch the fun twitch feed yesterday about the next SOE MMO? Hard to say whether they'll pull it off, but it does look fun... EQN info
  14. I had a run recently where I unlocked three ships in a row on the same run. It was bizarre... one of them was the crystal ship.
  15. Selected comments... Courage, Failure, Rosebud... man, totally not what I expected, but I love it. Bad Octopus just makes me smile. It's perfect for an Ultros fight, that's for sure. Train Suplex was a non-metal take on a great track... i'm mixed. Going to give it a few more listens. Can't pinpoint what is off yet to me. It's good, but something just dosen't jive for me. Electro De Choco - feels like 80's techno music. Good! First time I've really liked the chocobo theme... Even though the FF7 album mix was pretty fun. Slam Davis ... dang. Spot on. Sleazy town. Nightmare Oath: rock on, opera. Rock on. The Impressario: epic. Freddy Mercury would shed a tear. Till we meet again: ahhhhhhhhhh. Seriously, this can't get any better.
  16. Oh my god. Okay, so the mixes linked to in the description were two of my favorite tracks on OCR all this time. Unfortunately, they've been supplanted by this one. Well done gentlemen, all my base are belong to you.
  17. And now, hundreds of thousands of us enjoy hours of ear-orgasmic experiences.
  18. Be thankful OCR does not operate on valve time. Wait...
  19. It's time for the Hype machine to start rolling... and I hear patience will be rewarded soon Wow... my mind is blown.
  20. I was once known as "Mr. Automation". And I like the color Jade. Thus, JadeAutomation was born. Shortened it to JadeAuto. Though, people confuse me with Blind's wife (jadearanharuno) way too often for my own good... **disclaimer: I am not blind's wife.
  21. If I had known this was coming I'd go. Perhaps next time.
  22. 1. Dark Samus (Metroid Prime) 2. Bayonetta 3. Splash Woman (MM9)
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