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Costa Del Luna- FFVII Remix


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Funky track.

+ I like the bass sound -- it really sounds raw.

+ The main melody sounds awesome. I like the free feel you have given to this song -- I recognise it immediately but in no way is that because the original melody is all-present. Despite the fact that you really turned down the recognisable parts, I should say. That is a good thing.

+ I love the improvisational feel you give to the melodies.

- The high melody in the third quarter of the track sounds too high-pitched to me.

- The ending sounds too sudden.

Hope this was helpful. Spin the feedback around, see what you agree with and what not.


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I've been listening your track those days, since you didn't tag your file I need to came back here to get your name.

You made a good rearrangement out of the original, I got your mix cause I liked it much, but I didn't compare it to the original, and now I made it.

This blend of eletronic instruments playing a very swinged song it's something very amazing to hear. Congrats!

You didn't post but I find the original:


What is the genre of the original track? Is it Salsa, don't?

The funny thing about this song and some others that I listened is the composer even need to be much innovative, I mean, he just needs to play simple and he gets the song. 8-)

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I'm not sure what the others are saying by the main melody, or maybe you've already fixed it, but everything sounds good to me. The only thing I'd say is the ending cuts off abruptly while the rest of the song has sort of a let it ring out feel, maybe let the last part resonate a bit. Although I noticed it repeats almost seamlessly by itself just like it would in the game, kinda neat.

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Wow, I'm really lovin' this. I especially like when those horn sounds come in. It just blends really well to me.

Can't really say much other than work the ending a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I like the way you ended it, but the sound getting cut off at the end sucks. If you just let the last two synths ring into nothingness, then I think you'd be pretty straight with this remix.

Good work. :D


lol Didn't see Pac's post until I had already posted.

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