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Yahtzee's opening a "Mana Bar" in Australia

Azure Prower

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"Australia's first dedicated next gen console gaming bar

Opening in February 2010 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane - Australia, the Mana Bar is the first venue of it’s type.

Featuring the latest in next generation video game systems available to play 7 days a week with the latest, greatest, and most social games available. You'll even be able to play games before they’re released!

It's not just the games though, first and foremost the Mana Bar will be one of Brisbane's most funky drinking venues, with a unique selection of drinks and custom cocktails on offer."

Another article:



“We know a guy who has agreed to bounce for us, but only if – he insisted on this – he gets to dress as Ryu from Street Fighter while he does it.”

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This is an idea me an my friend have had for a while now. There's this bar in the South Side called 1311 and we wanted to open a gaming bar right down the street and call it 1337. Pretty much everything Yahtzee plans to do at the Mana Bar, we wantyed to do. Maybe he's looking to start a franchise....

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no in Colombia (and other South American countries probably) they have (or had idk) "arcades" which were made up of rows of consoles i.e. a super nintendo section or N64 section

you would buy time and play any game they had for your chosen console until your time was up

that's what this bar sounds

but with a club setting and alcohol

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Right there in Brisbane, Australia, where I spent my Junior year of college abroad (and first got interested in DJing). It's seriously the best city I've ever been to and this makes it all the more awesome!

I still remember the Asian-style arcade they had downtown, with the sit-down cabinets. They need more of those stateside too

Edit: Cerax: do it. I personally will be there every week.

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