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Okami and Ecco the Dolphin strike me as being interesting challenges, although both have such potentially serious issues – either in development or story – that it's likely neither would be worth the cost of production, unfortunately. Kingdom Hearts, especially the second one, would make a fun movie, but that may just be me being a fangirl. I've also always thought that Xenogears should have been made into a television show, mainly because it's far too convoluted to be a movie that will make sense in two hours.

As for something that might actually work, my sister and I think Kinetica would make an interesting movie. It has a malleable backstory that can be turned into a more significant plot, decent characters, racing, violence, and general lawlessness, and the settings would look awesome on a big screen. It would possibly also appeal to a surprisingly wide female audience even though it's obviously geared a little more toward guys.


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Has anyone watched the straight to DVD Halo anime episodes? I've walked past it at the rental shop but never ended up making the effort to get it out.


Also... SAINTS ROW 2??

Worth a rental if you are a fan.

Other than that, it is garbage, save for the "Odd One Out" short.

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Prince of Persia has about even chances of being the first good video game movie, but the chances of it getting a lot of award nominations is 3,720 to 1. I haven't ruled out the possibility that this decade could single-handedly save game-to-movie adaptations. If there was one game that would make a good movie...I really can't say. Any ideas I might have would be complete blasphemies.

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Honestly, alot of Nintendo titles have the potential to make great movies...Mario Brothers is definitely worth another effort, seeing as how the early 90's movie lists among the biggest flops of all time...Sonic the Hedgehog would make a great movie as well, even in live action...

The Legend of Zelda would make a good movie methinks too.

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