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  1. STORY TIME! It's a slightly unusual story, but as we're all creative types here I figure you all will understand. So we all know that when katethegreat19 submitted this amazing song, it came with a "translation" crafted by KaelWolfCry that makes it more or less Aveh's national anthem. At the time I found this (which I believe was in late 2011 or early 2012) I was—technically still am, but it's on hold for the time being—rewriting an old, old Xenogears fic (from the early 2000s, and you can tell), and it heavily features Bart and the Aveh pirates. As you might expect, I listened to this song a
  2. I agree with the rain—the whole song gave that vibe; it presented the image of someone looking out a window or standing outside, staring solemnly into the distance.A good quiet piece.
  3. 1. Amaterasu (Okami) 2. Q*bert 3. Tanooki Mario (SMB3)
  4. Okay! So I'm not a huge metal fan, normally, but I'm a sucker for DKC music so I try to give all mixes a chance. Good thing! This is a stellar beginning and I look forward to your future work. ~LS
  5. I wasn't too thrilled with this for about the first minute. I'm very much a person geared toward music that makes me want to move, so even though I do like ambient/atmospheric stuff as a genre, it doesn't always keep my interest for long. Around 1:05 or so, however, I just suddenly got slammed by a sense of premeditated violence and malice, and that carried on to the end. The explosions really punctuated things, to the point where I experienced a brief but very intriguing sense of disorientation, perhaps as one might expect from an inhabitant of the village in question, who has abruptly found
  6. Read the description about dear old Betty as the track started. Thought, "Oh, how cute, with the radio thing!" Then came the transition. Literally got the chills. It was awesome. I've always found the very beginning of the source material to be suitably mysterious and potentially frightening, but felt it was a bit too fast to be properly discomfiting. This piece didn't slow it down but still fixed that issue, and made it absolutely creepy. I'm not a huge jazz fan, either; it has to be pretty light for me to not notice/not care/actually like it. But what was here really worked, and the swing
  7. You can slow it down if you want, or you don't have to – I assure you that it sounds quite fine the way it is. I just brought it up because that was the one part of the entire song that sounded exactly right in my mind. You're welcome to it – it was just a thought I had. ("Among the Stars" is very nice.) No worries. Just don't be surprised if it gets rejected, and (obviously) consider everything the judges say. You're probably never going to please all of them, but they'll undoubtedly provide you with plenty of ideas for further improvement. ~LS
  8. The source being as good as it is all on its own, you really put a lot on your plate. I applaud you making this effort, because it really is a travesty that there are no Spyro remixes – The Legend of Spyro in particular, regardless of what one thinks of those games, really makes remixes possible. That said, if you're intending to submit this for judging then I'd recommend working on it some more. Ultimately, what this sounds like is the entire source tune broken down into vocals and melody and then tied together again, almost exactly as it originally was, with a series of prefabricated sample
  9. Personally, I generally prefer Japanese voice-acting compared to English dub, but I have certainly heard some good English dub; FullMetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) stands out primarily—it was a pleasant surprise when my sister and I watched FMA in Japanese and then gave the dub a test viewing. Similarly, I've encountered some Japanese voices that I absolutely could not stand and in my mind didn't represent the character at all. I think it mostly has to do with interpretation as opposed to vocal talent; if the voice isn't convincing for some reason (be it the director's choice or the actor's), t
  10. Pretty awesome mix. And though I will credit Gran Turismo for some of my real-life driving skill, I don't care what anyone says—the car noises sound like stuff from Speed Racer. Not that I consider that a bad thing, but that's what I thought as soon as I heard the first effect. ~LS
  11. I am a writer, and I have found it both easier and harder to write a story that is based around a universe already created by someone else. It's easier in that I don't necessarily have to create new characters, new clothes, or a new setting; it's harder in that I have to stick to the personalities, politics, and geography already created, and if I don't then I have to give a reasonable explanation as to why I'm deviating. Similarly, I imagine that it may be both easier and harder to create a mix based around a song that already exists. I also wouldn't advise comparing yourself to other remixe
  12. The new arrangement is much better than the older one. Like I said before, the older one is good but doesn't reach far for originality; the new one, by contrast, takes that extra step. Something of particular interest that I noticed was that the older version runs to 1:32 while the newer version goes only to 1:26, but the newer version actually sounded longer to me – presumably because there was so much going on that it didn't come across as tedious, so I didn't tune it out. Also, I think the soundbyte was quite well-placed. Unfortunately, I can't offer anything in the way of technical concep
  13. No no, it's plenty catchy – I did like listening to it as it was. I suppose what I meant by 'fresh' and 'safe' was that it didn't seem particularly original, and extending it would give you more room for experimentation. Of course, that's understandable if you don't have many samples or are just feeling things out, but I thought it worth mentioning. ~LS
  14. I originally found it

    , on YouTube, and the mp3 link should be in the information. If not, or if you want to get straight to the goodies (and get better audio quality as well as avoid the game sound effects), this will take you where you want to go ("here" and "this" being the links, if they aren't showing themselves clearly).


  15. A guy I knew let me borrow Brave Fencer Musashi and I loved it, but I didn't have enough money to buy it then. Not long after, the guy accidentally dropped the game, stepped on it, and broke the disc. I wept abjectly. The guy later gave me for my birthday a copy of Samurai Legend Musashi, which is an okay game but one I'm just not sure matches up. One day I will acquire this particular beast, and then I will hug it and squeeze it and call it Mu. Anyway . . . Being an untechnical person, I'm not sure how helpful I'll be, but I'll try. I do think the samples sound good, clean, and they all seem
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