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Pokémon D/P/Pt Team Galactic Boss Cyrus Battle Remix

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Okay so this is the first remix im posting up here. i have a few more, so i will upload them later. i created this on garageband, and i want some critique on it.

...okay so i only have a link to where i posted on youtube: i dont have it on a share site, just on youtube. so please, listen and give me some good critiques! :) thanx :)

link to song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfC1JxmIGNQ

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@ neblix yeah sorry relatively new (in case you couldnt tell, even thought its strikingly obvious) anyways ive changed my signature. I strongly desire FL Studio, and i did not know it came free. I am still a huge fan of Garageband; it is a comfortable and convenient tool of remixing. (im sorry for bumping up my thread. still learning the basics (including non-bumping replies.) Clearly, i am off to a rough start, but i look forward to improvement.

@ Rozovian i am looking into getting an expanded variety of synths for it, so thank you for those alternate resources. also thank you for enlightening me on separating the drum line, very clever. it will really help to bring out those accents on the bass drum. I am going to rework this a lot, and your advice has relaly helped. (btw when i said "i'll see what i can do with GB" i didnt mean it was its fault. i meant that even with garageband i have much to learn; it was more of a compromise of my own ability rather than the softwares ability)

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As a relative fellow noob at posting, I can sympathize with your frustration at slipping off the lists (it's happened to me on two separate songs, and I know how discouraging that can be)... that said, stop bumping yourself back on! It's annoying, and you come off as kinda whiny.

As for the actual piece, it just sounds like the original with updated sounds. While good in its own right, it kinda missed the aim of ocremix. For this to be successfully submitted, you'd need a considerable amount of deviation from the original (go ahead and throw in that solo) rather than a straight-up cover.

If you ARE being ignored, try something else. Tweak it. Fix some of the questionable notes. At least an updated version will give you an excuse to bump yourself back to the top of the list.

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The piano is very mechanical, and everything in the soundscape doesn't fit each other.

Your lead's are a bit bland, the drums sound muffled, and there isn't much balance between your leads and background.

I would suggest:

Humanizing the piano

Find more interested leads

Get higher quality drum sounds

Balancing the general production

Find sounds that fit the general soundscape (your instrumentation sounds a bit random)

Have a nice day. :)

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Avoid posting more than once before someone else replies; I usually just edit my most recent post to avoid looking like I'm trying to bump the thread.

It's also awfully annoying because your sig image also breaks the image size rules for signatures, I'm not sure exactly what the rule are or where to find them

EDIT: I think it's 500 X 250 ?

but yours is way too big, so please one post at a time. :D

Anyways, I would suggest upgrading your software. I'm not sure if Garageband is good enough software to produce OCR music at the level you're at (I'm basing that off of this remix which may or may not be better than your other stuff) but there are free and reasonably priced DAW's out there. May I recommend:

http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/ <- Has notation features

NOT SURE IF that's the only one that works if you have a mac, but:

http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/musicproduction.html/<- Works on Mac

http://flstudio.image-line.com/ <- This is what I use. It's also what Zircon, Darkesword, and lots of other great remixers use.

http://www.cockos.com/reaper/ <- Works on Mac

http://www.ableton.com/<- Works on Mac

http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/<- Works on Mac


If you prefer modern musical notation:

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Welcome to ocr, please make a smaller sig, and avoid double posting (if you don't have an update). :D

GarageBand will do fine, there's several mixes on here that were made in GB, like it was said on the PAX panel and been said before when ppl have come here saying they only have GB to work with - you can do it, GB doesn't have all the features you might want but it's got everything you _need_. The problem isn't GB, the problem is YOU. (no offense :P)

Tho I would suggest scouring the net for free plugins, it'll give you the opportunity to vary your sounds more, GB's built-in synths aren't that advanced. alphakanal's automat, linplug's freealpha, and TAL's elek7ro II are some useful free synths, and there's free effects all over the place (mda, flux, blue cat, camel audio, TAL, etc...).

(btw neblix, it's great that you wanna help, but avoid giving out wrong advice. in this case, cubase, digital performer, reaper, reason, live, and other daws also work on mac, and both GB and Logic have notation features. now you know :P)

Aside from mechanical notes, the sound design and mixing is my main concern with this. Use separate tracks for each of the drums so you can bring out the right frequencies of each (separate for kick, snare, toms, hihat...). Use a little bit of reverb on instruments that sound dry. Expect to need to EQ everything to give everything its right place in the mix. Don't underestimate the plain old volume slider.

Can't comment on source, but if they say it's too close, it's probably too close. ppl tend not to know when it's too liberal, but if the say it's too close, it probably is.

Best advice I can give isn't technical or theoretical or anything, it's just to learn to listen. Listen to some similar mixes by ppl on ocr, see what you can learn from them. DarkeSword, OA, and Big Giant Circles come to mind, but get the ocr torrents and listen to everything. Listen to how the instruments all have their place, listen to how loud they are in relation to each other.

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(btw neblix, it's great that you wanna help, but avoid giving out wrong advice. in this case, cubase, digital performer, reaper, reason, live, and other daws also work on mac, and both GB and Logic have notation features. now you know :P)

Said I wasn't sure, oka? :banghead: I said "I think" that means "I'm not sure" xD

Regardless of if they worked on Mac I gave him links to them, didn't I? xD

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